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Map like this one jim ryan abc news sutherland springs texas in october in their name steven paddock hold an arsenal to his hotel room with mandalay bay on the most vegas trip and opened fire on a crowd at the route ninety one harvest music festival embassies alex stone rushed to the scene after the first shots were fired it was the final night of the route ninety one harvest vans on stage country star jason al deed win it tanno five it happened with those popping noises first many in the confused crowd they were firecrackers and people started dropping all its flying police who had been working at the event began trying to get people out the audio caught on police bodycam deatrich wise go over there go that way at ten p m the first two police officers arrived on the thirty th cruised floored mandalay bay and announced the gunfire was coming from one floor anchored shooter we have an actor shooter intelligent where renault then after ten fifteen after ten minutes the last sean spicer fired toward the crowd amassed panic was underway the injured in my lifeless everywhere anthony rabbani an off duty firefighter was in the crowd with his brother after the first round but off fire member we gotta start lower down while till mcgrath from a solicits funds fine uh the second round went off and that's when i started to kind of hover over her like navy this is gunshots in knots when i heard my brother say i got hit his brother had a bullet hole johnston the heart rabbani jumped into action said that when it turned around and i saw my brother a spinning up blood so i knew this turn from okay were here we need treatment and we gotta go there were no way ambulances yet he carried his brother to a police patrol car and found a firstaid kit in the trunk the only thing in it three bandaids in some nieto score it take the plastic from the bandaids we placed over the mood we took three dates and we put it on three sides and try to make a threesided quiz addressing the best of our abilities more victims started arriving at the patrol car denver boni began triage many of them eventually he found an ambulance and his brother.

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