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Sounds funny. Yeah. The New York. I love this cash. Rules, everything around me. Cream get the money. The only way I feel like for me. It's more like. Dream. I feel like I believe in the freeze dream, the Leary snus rules, everything around delusion. Yeah. I might be about I'm more more of a dream. Yep. Yeah. For sure for sure I believe in that model more than I do cream right now. Welcome everybody to episode forty three of the every man show. I'm your host, John every may sit with this is a lighter Kasmin compared to the last few weeks. We've had but a cast nonetheless got Matteo haven't seen you in a bit. Are fairly sound guy? Noodles sea bass in the building. Walter, walter. Boy, you look like you just enjoying that TV there. You don't even like sports. No. But it's probably the most entertaining thing going on in here already. Okay. All right. And sitting with us we've already gone through women's month. I think I had a great time. Having a bunch of women here. It was fun. I enjoyed every single one of them. But now we're going to get back to. Are you regular schedule show, and we're going to get back to just having plano, guess I random and you're the first one out of the women's celebration month extravaganza. We had your first normal guest. If you will say. Say what you're saying? I really want to a moment. It wasn't normally went to recent enough. I think to exit gracefully from this. I should I was getting there. I was getting there. I was trying to put myself out of it for the second. Not just keep not in your head. Don't even make sound effects anything yet. But say with us, we got some hip hop again in the house got another hip hop artist owed at she you Don that I say, right, man. Is it just all dodgy Joe? Dodgy job data. Okay. J A H Odachi, which would be Gottschee spoiled that spell dodge. Like saying, oh that she, you know. Oh, the okay. Okay. Now, you just messed me up dodging this John dots Jaro dodge Hiba. All right. But we got John houseman. How you doing brother happened to be president? You know? The Dan sunny spud, not a crazy, man. I I've seen it shows man, I've seen you do some don't pass work. Got a lot of energy on stage. When I had the chance to bring you on for this episode Mannasseh. I know this guy's got something that special, you know, when it comes to hip hop. You know, I know we see a lot of rappers out there, and they personalized, but yours just doesn't fit that every day. Hip hop personality that you see out there. You know what I'm saying? And I was excited bringing you on the talk about that. But before I even do man, let's start into some crazy. I just wanna make this mention alright P Takeo D. Yeah. Right. I heard about that last night. Yes. King of diamonds, the famously known strip crop across all America, or at least people that listen to hip hop in America or anyone listens to hip. I've heard Kate O D king diamonds. It is no longer the they leave how many songs he'd think they inspired like like God damn how many hip hop. Bye. Mike Mike all the all don't. the don't talk about them again kicked in the face with us. We watch it into the fakes. Yeah. We we have these sports clips in the background. I didn't know that we had Emma may all of us thought, I was watching basketball highlights. But now we just got people kicking him in the face. Now. This kid just got robbed. What's his name? He just got just got rocked and UFC two twenty nine by by Tony Ferguson. Tony Ferguson, full them up. It's like anything goes in. Makes all mine. Golly. Do there's very little bare knuckle boxing league yet. That's like that backyard. Brawling not even have an octagon. There's no gloves look at that. Rock your whole fucking world. Mantis forgot all his plans for next week. Stuffy did last week..

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