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The podcast today by agron prieto Alex kalanos, Jess mcfadden. We missed you guys last week after Silverstone, not that we don't love Hayden and Kev. And I'm joined by Megan white, who is at his home from home back at the accommodation. From the track today. So Megan would come to you first. You've been there. Your first time to the Red Bull rings are less about how you, what you made of it. Yeah, it was incredible. I mean, it's only my third Grand Prix weekend. My first Barcelona earlier this season, and then I was always still last weekend. And I've got to say the rebel ring was my favorite that I've been to so far. It's an incredible circuit. It's nestled in the mountains, beautiful scenery. And just a really well organized event. None of the problems that we had in Barcelona surfaced. There were no cues in cues for people trying to get in sufficient food, which was always nice. So it was an absolutely fantastic experience from that perspective. You know, brilliant brilliant circuit couldn't recommend the circuit enough. The only problem I would say was the fans. And that's a really sad thing to have to say after a Grand Prix weekend, you know? Everyone's gone to have a great time. Everyone's gone to enjoy themselves, but they're from my experience being out among the fans and wandering around. I didn't like the atmosphere really. I thought it was quite a, it was a highly charged atmosphere, which can be a good thing, but this one wasn't. Of a certain driver? Yeah, so, you know, I don't mean to be negative, but the vast majority of fans there were Max Verstappen fans, so it does skew the percentage of each driver's fans that were behaving badly, but the vast majority of fans with F one driver and they were not behaving well. We saw I saw groups of fans from who supported other drivers who generally seem to be behaving quite well. But, you know, a good example is one night we were leaving the circuit and there was a Verstappen fan publicly urinating and a group of Mercedes staff members walked past in their team gear and he shouted jeering and shouting at them and that was after qualifying. The whole atmosphere that all that kind of behavior was really symptomatic of the way that I felt like people were behaving. There was a lot of excessive alcohol consumption. There was a lot of what I would say like a log on out. You know, I'm not opposed to people going and having a good time at a circuit, but I do think that especially given what we've heard from other fans you've been there this weekend, there is definitely a limit and it was way surpassed by the behavior of the people who are there this weekend. Let's get into it straight away. We're going to talk about we've got an hour to do this. And we're going to talk about the result. And it's a fantastic result for Sharla Clare, not necessarily for Ferrari because of reliability woes. But this has been a horrible topic to get into, but let's just get into it and cover it off Jess. I mean, can you talk us through how you sum up some of the new stories that we've heard coming out of Austria? Yeah, I mean, again, probably important to note that I don't think it is just a problem with Austria. We've since had multiple stories come out from Silverstone last week as well. I've had a lot of people DMed me because I've been quite vocal about this topic on my own social channels and I have a lot of people reach out to me and tell me things that have happened both this weekend and last weekend. And as you say, it's a very last year last season was extremely charged and I think that we're still kind of feeling the rumblings of that in terms of the dynamic between British fans, Dutch fans, Lewis Hamilton supporters, Max Verstappen supporters. First off, I think we're very brave to take to Twitter and share their stories and say, this is happening. This just happened to me or happened to a friend or I witnessed this. And I think it was just the volume of people that were coming out and as to Meghan's point, it seemed to be that this track in particular has a reputation. I actually had a lot of people reach out to me and say that it was the same even back in 1985, a fan said that they witnessed a lot of lousy behavior. My only real experience of heavily. We don't want to make this about gross generalizing groups of people. So I'm definitely not wanting to start this out as like it being Dutch fans. I don't think that's fair. I think for all of this, it is a minority of people that are ruining it for the majority. As often is the case, but my first Grand Prix was spa 2014. Going as a fan. Well, I've been to Silverstone for a couple of odd but never race day. And it was my full my first full weekend. And I found the Dutch know how to party, right? They are there for a good time. And when I was there, they had full hgv vehicles with DJ booths and double beds in it and they were going until 5 o'clock in the morning and there were fireworks being set off at 5 o'clock in the morning. And I will say as a fairly young fan at the time, it was quite intimidating. But luckily I never received any bad behavior towards me. But I think the number of people that have said that bad things have happened to them. Yeah, the amount of stories that are coming out, I think it's just concerning and it's caused a lot of people to look inwardly at what the sport is doing. And I think there was enough of a rumbling that F one felt the need to power statement, which is good, but yet again, we're here, we're actually, is what we need just a statement or what are they going to do the to back this up? Because the fear I have that happens a lot when we come to these areas of or start talking about problems between fans or harassment or social injustice is that governing bodies or companies can hide behind these statements and go, well, we box tick that. We addressed it. We said it was a barren. We said we won't stand. But actually, what does that mean? The issue that I have is that what we don't want is for F one to pass the buck to the circuit promoter and a circuit promoter to keep passing the buck back to F one. There needs to be as a collective as a championship, just as the FIA as a governing body needs to come together with everybody involved and go, how do we stop this kind of behavior happening? Because one of the really upsetting things that I've seen is that people are now talking about not going to races because of this behavior. To

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