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Reconcile here. Still Voice Conference and I ran across Julia Kemper Doni and Giulio is the founder of medium labs and he is here from Italy so Juliette what brought you hear all the way from Italy across the Atlantic to Newark New Jersey in the middle of July victim lobster gives the U._S. subsidiary or any Italian company video. We we found video game labs four years ago for technology scouting reason. I'm the head of innovation at the parent company medium so I'm sort of <hes> commuter over the ocean I come here to yes quite often for or five times a year. <hes> looking for information <hes> inspiration networking ideas so that's why I'm here okay so okay great transition because you talked about ideas. You've had a chance to see some of the keynotes and some of the breakout sessions what ideas or concept stood out to you that you thought were particularly interesting. You know attending events like that is important because we are overwhelmed by news everyday or our business life and attending such kind of events <hes> let us lawyer pace think listen to news already heard of <hes> and <hes> understand it really. I was <hes> very interested by the day zero of the event attending to <music> very interesting worships your workshop about the voice strategy because this.

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