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We could see a dramatic crash million in the arms. That's what they say. The key is that it's in the right 100-million-arms what i want. Jeff bezos to short my house. And give me my position to do it. They're hip compliant him on him. I want him in particular sticking himself every week. There's something called the saas or on. Jesus we see. God yes said. The man who like jackson said heller. Ladies gun shows in town don't disappointed levels. I'm going to do thank speaking of working out. Peleton will be in the white house that you do silly story in the times. I like doesn't silly. He has one and they were like going on about the digital problems with it because it's a connected device but peleton has been in the white house according to my sources and mama had one. I think michelle obama had one and they can connect it and then just put a computer full of all the classes right there so the the and bring a new bunch classes in every couple of weeks. I guess it's very easy to time. And it was such Oh my god. But i'm glad frankly he's working out like we have a president who actually hundred christian louboutins on them. That is purdue. She was that outfit change of hers. I was like. I really can't stand you lady but well played like she put on the gucci. She like was wearing all black. She went from man said black widow to like gucci palm beach lady in like fourteen seconds pictures. Take that outfit was like seriously. I was like black all black like she looked great. Even though kind of beautiful matt kind of cheap cheap way but it's not cheap to expensive genasense. yeah two four years out. What does milania yes nothing. She's just zero sar zero. She's selfish rich lady. I don't know what else to say. She's a hope she kid turns out. Well i guess. I think she seems like a very good mother but her values are just even just reading. That stephanie will count the tapes. She's just a type fever around really rich. People with a lot of those ladies are like that. I have been around a lot of those ladies. And she's just like the moment that's So i think that's hard tuna rich people i think. Most i think a lot of rich people got rich because people because they're good people. I get it. But not her. Class of florida lady that you have met and she is the top level of them resigned about vodka right away. Now malania sorry ivanka. That'll be the interest.

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