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Watch the fight, if I said, yo, kavina. over. What do you want to eat? If you said to me, yo bro, I'm telling you, looking at you in the eyes. And I'm telling you, I don't know what I want to eat. And I'm like, yeah, but we can order some Mexican food, get some nachos. I don't know. Dude, we can't pizza? I'm telling you, bro I don't know. How about some wings? I can order some buffalo wild wings or Hooters. This sounds like the conversation I have with my girlfriend every night. I don't know. I'll just pick something. Yeah, Camino. Tell me, what do you want to eat? Bro, I'm telling you. I'm looking at you. I don't know. And then someone else hits me up and they go. You know, inside scoops as the covino wants nachos. And then we're like, yeah, this guy said cavina wants nachos. I'm gonna run with that story. Well, how does inside scoop know if I don't even know? That's the whole narrative with Aaron Rodgers. And by the way, the evidence is right here in front of our face. I'm looking up at the guys on a four day darkness retreat because he clearly doesn't have any clarity in his life. He's telling me that he has his mind made up, absolutely not. He's in a cave looking for answers. Clearly, the guy doesn't know his decision yet. He's in a cave. He emerged yesterday. And he saw his shadow. And he saw shadow, so 6 more weeks of his decision. 6 more weeks of not knowing. If Aaron Rodgers went on record like a week ago before he went in the cave and was like, yo, I'll do respect to Adam Schefter and dude. Rappaport. Rappaport is like, yo, they're good at what they do, but they don't know squat about what I'm doing. If he knew and had clarity and had the answers, he would not be in a cave for four days. So when you look up on the screen and on ESPN, FS1, CBS, if you look at it all the sports TV shows and radio shows and everyone's speculating, Aaron Rodgers next move, your three year old kid has just as good a guess. I should ask my son Ben. Hey, little buddy. Got that? Where is Aaron Rodgers going? Is he going to the moon? That's a possibility to play with dinosaurs. So little guy. The jets, the Raiders, or Green Bay, T. Rex. T. Rex. No, no, buddy. The jets, the Raiders. Gets bluey. Kids will always go with the first option to give them. Inside sources say, who's the inside sword? Oh, rich is three year old. Louie. Said the jets. My three year old has the same level of insight as Ian rap report. Damn, as Michael rappaport, as any rappaport, because Aaron Rodgers is looking us in the eyes and saying, I don't know what I want for dinner. And we're telling you, yeah, I heard he wants a pizza. He honestly. He doesn't know. Yeah, he honestly says it without saying like, hey man, I'm doing exactly. And last year, remember all his tales are gone. He can't use these. Oh, Aaron Rodgers got his house cleaned in Wisconsin. That's already done. Aaron Rodgers moved back to Green Bay. That's already done. So you can't really, there's no more telltales. So he had to go dark. Listen, I'm not insulting any other show or broadcasters or anything, but I find it amusing that at this point, I get it. It's fun to speculate, we do it every day. It's a lot of fun. We love sports. We love talking shop. But when the guy himself comes out and says, attention world, nobody knows. Because I don't know. The janitor. We kind of decipher that. It's too hard to walk away from 60 meals. I know, but you know that most people could take a good guess on is that he's going to play period. He's still going to play. He's going to be. But my feeling is about it. My feeling that is, if he wasn't going to play, I feel like there would have been some insinuations or he would have alluded to like, well, there's a chance I don't even play. I feel like Danny, we're talking off the air. Now we'll speculate like idiots. Is it really Green Bay stay put and spots it before? It's funny because there's two reports. They hate them and the other report is they love them. Is it the Raiders? Is it the jets? Are those the only options? Is it other four options? Retire, Green Bay, jets, raiders, or is there another option? Is there a sniper? Yeah, none of us know. Like what you've been saying. There could be a team that comes out of nowhere. Tennessee. You should be an option by itself. Yeah, Tennessee, by the way, could say, hey, we're going to Tannehill can be out the mix and Tennessee can make room and say, we're all going to look at each other like Tennessee. I don't see that coming. Off the air, we're saying how Tampa Bay, that wasn't necessarily the league leader for Tom Brady. When Tom Brady, we thought, oh, the Raiders, maybe in the niners, maybe no one thought Tampa Bay. So my point is, and I'm not trying to contradict myself by even speculating. None of us know, yes, it's fun to talk about, but any insider that's like you made the best analogy without even realized that any insider that thinks they know has the same credibility as the janitor from Billy Madison. What makes you think I didn't realize it? I'm the one that said, I'm just telling you how good it was. So people have said shut up. There's been so many people say money's not a factor, but when they finally make their decision, the money was in there somewhere. Oh yeah. Money, lifestyle, next stage of his life. Location, all of these things are fact. I mean, I get it because when you deal with that much money, people love to, you know, people love to spend other people's money. Like, spot, you love to do that to me. I'm like redoing part of my house and spots like, what you should get is those huge doors that fold into each other. It's about like you should get those. I'm like, yeah, they're also 50 grand. So maybe our next FSR contract. People love to spend other people's money or people love to say, yeah, well, who cares? He doesn't need it. If you're Aaron Rodgers, are you gonna be like, well, I could get like 60 mil, but hey, like 40s good enough because, you know, I got a lot. Man. No one's leaving 20 mil or 5 mil or two mil on the table. Are you kidding me? I guess none of us know is my point. Oh, it is no one else. Not to take the fun out of the rumors, but he doesn't Aaron Rodgers doesn't have the final say on this. He doesn't have a no trade clause. The packers are going to deal him to whoever give the packers the best package for him. All right, so it's not like, does he want to play in New York? Does he want to play in Vegas? They don't care. They're not going to do him any favors. You think he would pull a Gronk, meaning remember when Gronk, the rumor was that at some point in his career, he was going to be traded to the Lions. Sorry, Joel. And Gronk said, well, if you do that, I'll just retire. He can't do that, right? Yeah. So he'll be a darkness shaman. You know what? He could do like ayahuasca tours. It could be a guy, yeah. A spiritual guide for people. We say it in jest. But what if Aaron Rodgers post career? You know how Tom Brady's going to the booth and other people start businesses, a lot of athletes open up restaurants or car washes. What if Aaron Rodgers goes into the wellness world? Opens up opens up a chain of caves in ayahuasca experiences dark rooms. What a baron Rogers goes the spiritual world. I think that would be great. Opens a bunch of like it ain't no 60 million

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