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That is Dan Billingsley from heat Wave heating, cooling and plumbing and Dan We got a lot of great information that first segment a lot about the 58 point inspection. Will you guys come out and tune up Somebody's a C system and make sure that everything's working correctly and I think that's what a lot of People don't realize is yeah, Maybe you're aces running. But if it's not running efficiently if it's not running correctly, it's really going to damage the longevity of that system, isn't it, Dan? Yeah, Actually, it will. Big time. Um so like we're talking about Earlier with the 58.2 you know there's a lot a lot of things that go into that. Um you know, our guys are trained to look at your system as a whole, you know, and most people don't realize that your system is Made up of three major components. Um you know, you got your outside unit, which everybody knows about. You got your air handler, which sometimes going in a closet or up in the attic. You know where people it's out of sight out of mind. And then you have been afraid to go there, Dan, I'm afraid to go there. With that with attic like a lot of us. We you know, we love that you guys will come do it, cause we're just afraid to get up there, right. So we get up there. You know our guys is, you know, as long as it's middle of day, and it's not like 140 degrees in your attic. Um, you know, we can reschedule if we need to like for the first of the morning or later in the evening when it cools down, But a big portion of the system is actually in your attic. And that's where you know. Your duck workers. You don't around here. Most of all of our duck work is located in the attic. Um and actually the average home around here. Duck work loses about 20 or 30% of the air that moves through it through leaks and your ductwork in the attic thing, holes and Dan. I think a lot of us like me where I just kind of looked at my doctor. Work is my dog crates there. It's just there, and I think it's doing its job and I don't realize the importance of it. But you were explaining to me. This is really an intricate part of the system, isn't it? This is much more important than I think people realise, isn't it? Yes, it is. Um you're you know you're duck work moves the air that you're paying to cool. You know you're paying the electric company. All this money for your air conditioner Run. Cool that air. The dockworkers were circulates it around the house and to all your bedrooms and rooms. You know, and unfortunately, all the ductwork goes through the attic. So, basically, just think about your mom growing up. If you're listening in your car right in your mom, you leave the front door open and we're not paying to heat the outside. We're not paying to cool the out. Just think about that. You don't want to pay. To cool your addict and you are saying 10 20 to 30% you could lose of the air You're actually pushing through or should be pushing through to your home within your ductwork in the addict. Yeah, You know, there's a lot of a lot of times a lot of leaks and holes or, like even duck work. We've even found on inspections where duck was completely disconnected. Just dumping cold air and your attic, You know, cool in your attic. I mean, There's no point of Ah air condition your attic and that just waste so much money on your electric bill. So if we're unsure about our duck work for onshore about any single part of Our system when it comes to our air conditioning heating. I guess The best bet is just have you guys out there for that, too? Not because I mean, you just gave us a great a great deal for our listeners. And if you want to reiterate that again so that they understand how great that deal is, But for that little money to be able to find out exactly how our systems working. It's it's a no brainer, isn't it? Dan? Yeah, Honestly, it is, You know, I mean, are like I said earlier are 58 point tune up takes 90 to 120 minutes, on average to inspect your whole system. And you know, right now we're doing it for you for just $39..

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