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Are you really? Okay? Thank you. Okay. Everything's gonna be okay. Are you okay? Yeah, I'm fine. I'm pretty far from okay. Are you okay? With this? On the hammer and idols? Hemery server was fired, fired. She was fired after she shared a viral video of Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts. In a sports bar without a mask. This was on Election day, lady tweeted out the video of Governor Rick It's with a group of massless diners asking, quote eight. Pete, Where's your mask? She's been fired. For violating social media policy. The restaurant, are you okay with it? I'm okay with this. I understand why people are going to be upset, but the restaurant said they had a policy of no cell phones while you work. And I know if I'm sitting somewhere to bar I don't want somebody taking a random photo of me. Now I'm well aware that this governor Pete Ricketts is probably a hypocritical piece of crap. But find me a politician. That's not I just don't like going into the business of taking photos and shaming people publicly unless they've done something personal to use. Not. Ricketts is Republican That's resisted calls for a mass mandate in Nebraska. So it's like it doesn't even make sense almost that she would Server were tweeted because he hasn't been telling me. Okay, then, If that's the case, then it goes back to the store policy. If the store's policy or the restaurant's policy is, look, I don't care what's going on. I don't care if Matthew McConaughey walks in here, you don't have your cell phones out while you work and she gets it out. Well, I'm sorry. There are rules. I mean, it's like the diner. That was you know where Newsome was having dinner, the French laundry there that one of those expensive restaurants in the world right on Dat was that wasn't somebody that works there. That was somebody else that was having dinner there at that place. Because you have, like you said. He is very hypocritical. He was there in a large group more than 10 massless indoors, he said. It was outdoors very just very holier than thou rules for thee, but not for me type of thing. I'm fine with that kind of thing. I am too. But then you can't complain if you lose your job, though. You see what I'm saying? Like if the restaurant clearly states you cannot have your phone out. And you say you know what? Screw it. I don't care. I'm going to show the world that our leaders not wearing a mask here. Then you're saying damn the torpedoes! Let's go! But in this case, it's bizarre in Nebraska, because it's kind of an anti, you know, mask mandate guy and she took the photo anyway. But you know if that were your restaurant and your employees getting their phone out all the time, right? What would you do if you don't want? You know what? Anybody taking pictures of people that were in the restaurant and you know those of your customers? My customer's always right right now. If this governor Pete Ricketts had done something to this employee or something like that, all right, game on, you know, blank me blank you, but it sounds like you know, she just did it to try to get some clicks on social media. If he had called from asked mandates and gatherings less than eight and things like that, like Newsome does then maybe, but still it was against the policy of the restaurant. So and I'm reading now that she's asking for donations. Wind to stay afloat because she's claiming I'm a single mother and I'm having a hard time..

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