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Cutlet? Indicate the rare double deflection. It goes down as an own goal for Trent Sainsbury of PSV. But Kane you couldn't care less. No. Of course. What? Yeah. Why would anyone care? He's around. All good things that happen for them. It's unbelievable. A couple of things stood out to me in this game. Obviously him I saw a stat here from Spurs statman on Twitter said Harry Kane has the best goals per game ratio of any player in Champions League history to plan at least ten matches in the competition. Thirteen goals in fourteen matches hurricane for Spurs. It's funny because you go on Twitter. I'm sure you know, you follow as a Liverpool fan. You probably have like a ton of kind of Liverpool specific some, you know, some fans I and. Yeah, just like tons of different people from that world I on the same with ton. And there's a lot of different and Ben Davies was just getting killed crushed throughout this game. He's not good enough. You should be. Somebody's was posting. He should be in in league to that's that like that's his quality. And then I couldn't help because I actually do like him and I couldn't help but feel good for him that he provided the assist on that winning goal. Perfect ball that he played in Tottenham took thirty shots in this game. Like, it would have been a little bit of of cruel nece had they not been able to win that game because they really other than the one defensive lapse which obviously PSV burns them for the goal. They really were very good. I was following a few. Because I didn't watch that one. I was falling a few journalists who were tweeting about the game. And they had said I know Spurs have just conceded. But believe me when I say they've played actually very well. But I felt that was pretty much what happened away from home. And you had these just terrible lapses says no much worse happened in Eindhoven than happened in Wembley tonight. But still Spurs do have that kind of self destruct button that allows games that should be under their spell under their control to slip away. Absolutely. Always like, it's incredible players change managers change like years go by. But that that always exists. We're going to start talking. Curses known still stand. Why the other thing look a couple of guys who I've really kind of fallen in love with over the course of the season. You know, we talked about Gazzaniga he has now supplanted Michelle volume as the backup so while. Yeah, lorries is out with this serving the red card suspension. Gazzaniga got the start today. He looked much better people on tastic. Yeah. Had a huge save everything. I'm. Saying about Tottenham dominating the game. There was a moment. I don't remember who the player was for PSV. But he came in one on one with the keeper. And it was kind of. Okay. This could be it to put it away and Gaza nica was came up huge with the safe to keep Spurs in it. And then they of course, go on and win the game. So props to him and another guy Eric lamelo came on as a sub which by the way for all the love that. I get Tino. I did not understand him taking off Lucas Mora for Eric lamilla. Lucas moral was fantast. He was for large stretches of the game. He was the best player on the field. I thought so I didn't maybe it was a fatigue issue because it was pretty early on. So that's the only thing I can think of because he was fantastic. But lamelo as much as I love him, and as much as I love the irritant that he is so willing to be like he's more than happy to play the role of. He'll yeah. I'll be the guy that you all hate. I'm totally cool with that. I'm going to do that. He did a thing today that it was caught on TV. He was caught on camera. But no referee sought. I think it was. I think Tottenham we're up to one was late. Maybe it was one one. But they're pushing forward all I know is it happened late in the game after at least one of their goals have been scored. And there was kind of a scrum in the corner ball goes out and has lamelo is coming back. Just like running back to after after whatever throwing is about to happen. He puts an elbow right into player for for ESPN Hoven..

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