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On that final drive. You have 26 20. Houston's driving They get inside the 10. There's not much time left on the clock. What kind of thoughts were you having it that point in the game? Yeah. I just knew we needed to make a play. Uh, I thought, you know if we could just get him support down up, But we would, you know, find a way to make a stop. Um, you know, I thought, you know, just got I know. I know how guys are. You know we're gonna fight and I knew you were going to give us give ourselves a chance because we had that mindset. And, uh, you know, again, grow over store made that you know, I thought it was the biggest play of the game is not that definitely in that play. Um, you know, to get the ball away from the Sean and, uh you know, I was able to fall on it, but You know, That's just a complete team. You know, execution right there, And obviously, you know, we get a couple breaks with the ball. You know, the snap not being well and you were able to get on the ball, and we just wanted to find a way to finish and we did that. Anthony Walker Jr is my guest. Let me ask you this because one approach at that point, the game is to just let them score. So you get the ball back and that the offense, try and get down the fuel for the game winning field goal. What do you personally make of that approach? Yeah, That's not something that we do here. Um, you know our coaches You know huge on, you know, giving us a place to stand on the field and you know, we have to find a way to get us up and that was our mindset the whole time. You know, we knew we could We could we We've We've been in that position before we could. We knew we could get a stop. And you know, our mindset is never just let you know a team schooling. That's that's That's not. That's not the mindset that we play with. Anthony Walker Jr is my guest in terms of mindset. In fact, that win came after a tough loss at home to the Titans. So what's it say about the group that you were able to turn it around and get a critical win the way you did? Yeah. This is a strong minded team over here. Um, you know, actually, we got great leaders. You know, guys that you know, have played in big games and you know, again, Philip Rivers. You know Uncle Phil's guy who's been planned since most of us were You know, still in diapers, you know good, You know again, just guys that understand that it's a long season. It's a process and you know, we need to find a way to just, you know, stay connected, and that's all we did that last week. We rebounded. Home and practice. Guys practice hard and, you know, we knew we had to come out and find a way to get that win last week, no matter how we got it. We just want to make sure we get the win. And, you know, obviously uses a tough team and we understood that. Home is going to be the same thing this week. You know, it's gonna You know, we gotta find a way to win. And that's uh you know, you put yourself in position to play meaningful games at the end of the season. They all matter And you know, you gotta find a way to make to win those games. Uncle Phil is funny. On Tuesday, Uncle Phil celebrate his birthday and the team posted happy Heck, in birthday on Twitter, and then you re tweeted it with Dad gum it. What's it been like playing with and practicing against the big fellow? Yeah, man. It's ah. He's definitely a character. Um, you know, literally. Probably one of the most personable quarterbacks, you know that I've been around, you know, outside the cover percent, obviously, but you know, just being able to You know, pick his brain a lot, You know, Actually, he's seen just about every coverage. Every defense that took the pro Adam. Um you know, so definitely he was a big boost Our defense This off season and then you know again, just seeing him and how he approaches the game, his mindset and everything like that. I'm a great leader. Definitely someone that you know you admire and you know, you definitely wanna follow. We're talking Anthony Walker Jr. He joins us once again. I'm kind of curious. Justin Houston was saying that you recognize place so quickly Quote, all screens and trick plays. You see how fast he comes downhill just because he recognizes the play. You can tell. He watches a lot of film and quote. That's what he said about you. So here's what I'm curious. About what is the process. Like? Like when you diagnosis play? Is it something you consciously thinking through is it happens? Or do you recognize something and then just explode where you need to be. Thank, you know, have the time I thought it's funny. I tell my dad all the time. You know, he actually. Hi. I knew that was coming or how you know It's questions like that, and I literally tell them like, you know, because I think because I watched so much film and the way I prepare. My body just just goes for me most of the time and half the time. I'm not even realizing that I'm going, you know a certain way. I'm just doing it, You know, just off of, you know my preparation and again. That's a tribute to obviously my father, who was a football coach and definitely got me on my life has some great coaches going up as well. High school coaches, college coaches and everything like that. So Um and then being here, you know, guys, you know, God's listening to me, guys trusting me guys helping me out on the field. Various minor Bobby Okereke. You know, Zaire, everybody. You know our whole linebacker room and so smart and You know, to be able to play with a group of guys that you know, I love to study the game as much as played play it is, you know, it's always definitely fun to be around. So I think that's that's what helps me a lot. Um, you know these guys We're talking and communicating before the play, getting out eyes in the right spot..

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