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The program but john mcculloch show darrell woods sitting in john rejoins you later this week yeah the state of the union address and the people's state of the union address so which do you think we'll carry more credibility with the american people will it carry more credibility with you with the president has to say about his first year in office and the state of the union or will the griping complaining bellyaching and propagandistic notions of hollywood celebrities who are for the most part insulated from the negative policies they decry a mean more to some of the rest of you what will they say about things like unemployment dropping in 2017 for all workers of all educational levels or they say about that well they say about the numbers of people crossing our southern border in particular dropping dramatically 420 2017 and even before then what will they have to say about that what will they say about tax cuts that have resulted in a up a windfall of the middle class working american family bonuses being paid salaries include increasing new factories being built billions of dollars being repatriated by companies back to the united states of miracle what will the people's state of the union say about all of that i wonder eight hundred nine two three nine three eight five the number to dial to add your two cents let's go out to the phones gary in hazel park listening to the program gary thanks for calling your comment bureau renewing rookie evident proved completely overwhelming her kia albahm administration clinton campaign cia the fbi the justice department all were involved in this grand plan to destroy donald trump and melania owing clinton in office all these people need to be prosecuted or arrested first prosecuted m incarcerated if they're not actually put in jail they need to be fine to all the.

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