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Rings eric. The she'll take care of that for you. There is also a new email address to make things easier for everybody If you have a note for the show there's one address and i'm going to put this in the show notes everywhere. It'll be standard notes at no agenda. Show dot net. It's the three ends notes at no agenda show dot net and that way you're not guaranteed to arrive. It'll arrive what happens with that. you know. We're still the same back office. We're still a small little podcast. We appreciate Our brand new nights. Welcome to the roundtable. And thank you for your courage and we did have a number of meet ups taking place. They're very popular and it's just so nice to see that the show lives outside of the podcast wants him. Guest four meet ups from around the globe. We start with the puget. Sound convergence. Zone meet up reports in the more nogent tribe this billy bones. Night a twin peaks. Ko in the morning. It's dame rose. And guess what. I'm sober in the morning. The future hopscotch in the morning. And this is inga. And i am still a douche bag from america's left coast. This is random rose. This is happy jack. Good morning good morning. This is elliott jaques part of the military and parties. So stoked about tagger up. What is up. I am one of elliot will's friends. Miguel this is trevor noah..

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