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In the low in mid 70s at few spotty showers possible late in the afternoon but a better chance for showers and possibly a thunderstorm coming and after dark tonight through early on saturday morning temperatures will drop into the mid 40s tomorrow morning it's going to be breezy with low in mid50s in clearing saturday afternoon thirty expected to start the day on sunday sunny skies in upper 50s sunday afternoon this is wvtm thirteen meteorologist stephanie walker with the forecast on this crawford broadcasting station welcome back in fourth quarter skopje's radio friday edition over the last man everybody's in here jessica was tell beginning to tell us a story right before the break um go ahead geskin yes experiences in well eight america let's just out the fact that andrews a little that teves right now because you chose any as elmont of your oriole raza yes i'm a woman's a success daddy look so i was at one and i must not daughters filled day thing and so i took the day off work i was going to go help out with that and i saw one of the the other moms and i'm friends at school and i'm like oh hey and she goes in for you know the hog or whatever and as i send out my hand somehow i grab a hold of something accidentally came hours i cannot on the france the i right in valued at lola udhampur george agenda around the back i just aghast and it was an eranet about gest out yes that's right for whatever reason grabbed.

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