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Rippled through everything inviting very perry now mart absolutely gladys what would you like to ask channing we've got two minutes left no it's amazing how the whole generation is a new culture it's different when you are i the not only the work the hours responsive it's like more of this generation it's their own time their own vision and it's very respected when i was growing up it wasn't like that it was this is your job you need to do this and that's the way we go through it and with channing we see very dynamic open open workforce it's her choice where she wants to work and that's amazing that's i really think very example i would look to be that war of freedom exactly exactly right and of course you know when you talk about millennials and you talk about genetics i mean this is what they're looking at this is what they want so you know you're right in the groove channing that's all i can say it has just been a a real delight you know having you ear and listening to what you have to say and for those out there who are thinking about going into business think about what you know channing has had to say and see if there isn't a way for you to develop your own business around your preferred lifestyle that's what it's all about that is really what it's all about i guess it's time for us to say goodbye gladys yeah.

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