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That was coach Steve Fisher. Come back to Chrysler has been here. It's nineteen Ninety-seven. Now, we coach Fisher said. I Sean Higgins, Ed, Rob Blake were there. So we listen to these guys he would have to say Glen Rice. I. Be the first player to data. Grief. Coach man that was in charge. Fisher back in town. I think now we can say the mission is complete because we leader back with us. Thank of all always an honor to come back. Run running around with a camera. When we achieve on Coronado court here in Ann Arbor. Now, we know ourselves. Howard represented the university of Michigan. Always. The young guy on the back. Mended job beeline, who I always. As the next because. Cloudy. Understanding any had about being on Michigan, man. No money that description. Reunion. No word that I can say. Describe being amongst my brothers among the guys who accomplished. The ultimate goal in the AA. Mask. Achievement in one thousand nine hundred thirty years later. We are still when we walked on the court. Yoga. Nineteen to get out. Well, you know, what I think we can take note. And that's because.

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