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We got oh yeah we can ensure that we got strong meant a strong black woman in the same women and and heard wait before we even start yucca they not be an oppressed by why people no no we review in a movie that people seem like and the black people rpn oppressed by wifo setting is embryo confident of an riot fillon and it's not about slavery in it whawhawhat home but before we okay it's not a right one movie did you watch is not about sleigh is that abaza's free with a big early and it's not about child soldiers in the congo wait who took choline we already smart and stuff i'll be like oh they're actually smarter that everybody a press her where army but they're kings and queens there is a key area kings and queens here and everyone seems the respect the black women the but i br i don't even at what is what we do we talk about we talked about that and i don't know actually you you probably don't know of a reviewing but we're reviewing the fell black panther marvels black panther starring chadwick boesman and a bunch of other people have course as we already mentioned michael heater repeat any ongo my could be jordan i heard daniel qaluwa was vital teeshirt right with my wife named latisha latisha latigo that i'm enamored with our battery the way you you have to share y'all laser eye share yeah i talk about latisha i know we're not get into a gaba could we talk about let let's talk about that that actress was so funny souls are rate sony was wrong rail she had on the show damn it may i want spinoff she she i wanna suri spinoff in the cotonou comics she would come to bypass the for quite some time like yeah okay within then we need to jump to that can we do have fastforward samoa damn man.

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