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JEALOUSY Cincinnati It's been months since the election. Maura moves or being made this week with the four o'clock report on Jack Crumley. Breaking now. Cincinnati area congressman Republican Brad Wind Strip was on with Bill Cunningham today, saying that he has questions about the constitutionality of the way electors are chosen in different states. Republicans have not won the White House. With a I think only one with a majority popular popular vote in like 32 years we win by use of the electric electrical college. We don't want to see that go away. Congress meets this week to certify presidential election results. There are reportedly a number of Republicans who plan on challenging that Senator Rob Portman of Terrorists Park, putting out a statement today, saying he will not be one of them. In a phone call made public mind. The Washington Post. President Trump tells the Georgia secretary of state that he wants him to find enough votes to win reelection. People of Georgia know that this was a scam. Because of what you doesn't the president. A lot of people are going out to vote. And a lot of Republicans are gonna vote negative because they hate what you did to the president. Okay, They hate him on the phone call President Trump makes threats and repeats. Disproven claims Georgia Secretary of State Brad Rapids. Berger says the counting his state was accurate. There are calls from lawmakers to launch a criminal investigation into that call. Now the latest traffic and weather together from the UC Health Traffic Center, the U. C. Health Weight loss Center offers solutions for life changing weight loss visit you see health dot com slash weight loss to take the next step highways in good shape without accidents or delays. There is a medical emergency in a vehicle blocking the intersection of Lindale, Mount Holly Road and 1 25. Accident on Bridgetown Road east of South Road involving a school bus, couple other accidents, Victory Parkway, a Taft and on the William P. Duly bypass west of Man, Anthony Street, both of those in the cleanup stages. Riverside Drive remains closed both directions between Adam's Crossing a Delta Avenue for some road work and you can use Columbia Parkway is your detour. Rob Williams news radio.

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