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Idea that you can turn things around quicker you don't like you said you don't have to be in your mid twenties in fact some of these guys that are a little bit older dom smith you need to see dom smith play just like we've had and soon because otherwise what are you doing with him and what do you have in him and you may not have much in him but you have to find out because they need someone to be quote unquote dom smith your next year and they need more than one they need a bunch of them they just need them to be dom smith who can play and contribute to a winning culture and winning baseball i do like rosario a lot i just wish i'd like to see the come alive so they pieces but i don't think it's as foregone or gone as people might think hopefully they turn it around a couple of other quickest francisco indoor last night i mean couple on seven harvey don't nobody cares about the indians ear right but i know someone who does well that's true people out there listening barbie and i tell you there are so many good young players right now in baseball and whether you like it or not fine enjoy a great deal and it has been fun the seasons actually been a lot of fun so it has been fun even with a very top heavy alist yeah because the teams that are really good and there are enough of them you know the difference with the nba is you really believe only two or three teams can win while major league baseball top heavy it's heavy with you can make the case for seven eight nine teams that now the bad teams are bad and you've got no chance but there's still a lot of hope and a lot of a lot of teams that can still compete to win a world series this year well and i wonder if having seen sunny gray saturday and low is isaac last night sent down after the game if yankee fans feel more strongly about giving up a little bit more to go get the better to help this rotation because i can go into the playoffs if everyone's healthy with tanaka severino cc not in that order but those three and i believe in on all three because i still believe in tabatha more than some but do they all stay healthy in the second half and they're all ready to go for the playoffs i mean who knows who knows no one has that crystal ball and yama certainly are going to need someone who can step in either between severino and tanaka or tanaka and cece hypothetically again i trust these see more than most so that's why i'm saying hypothetically and you're going to have to get that guy this month yeah so i wonder fancies her mind enloe isaac a young pictures who've had their their issues i'm not sure that you you don't look at them and say well we'll see them in october and we'll be fine and mom will pitch tonight for the yankees were just getting started we've got a lot to do the rich get richer in the nba will explain to you on the other side karma one thing i read today we'll get into this carmelo and chris bosh maybe the l a what how is that even possible we'll get into that coming up we got john minko who had a very interesting podcast yesterday and it was very well received maybe we'll play some clips later maybe we won't but he was a good sport i think he had fun maybe we'll do it again this week join me on one this week we'll say very possible six eighteen we're live from the investors bank studio kim and jerry in for boomer ngo mink next here on the fan from the ten ten minutes traffic center i'm brian britain with the raycatena dot com auto group fan highway patrol mess at the lincoln tunnel broken down car inside.

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