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Yvonne he was the best. Yeah. That's warns. Yvonne, and Chris Anderson Charlie short of androgen, his moustache are part of the band. That's going to be performing at the ninth annual warns Yvonne birthday bash Thursday, January twenty third at space in Evanston. We have a link for more information on our Facebook page, and Chris and Charlie welcome back guys. That is a great song. Obviously one of many many great songs at orange, Yvonne. Wrote. And we always talk about this every time you guys come down. The fact that he's never been nominated to be in the rock and Roll Hall of fame. The fact he's not in the rock and Roll Hall of fame is a massive misjustice toll. And the fact that he hasn't even been nominated off guys influence just about everybody. Yeah. And there's we were talking about an I drive over here. There's a reason he hung out with hunter S Thompson. Yeah. Yeah. You gotta rock musician. The hangs out with the Harris Thompson, it's probably pretty good. Yeah. Yeah. And I just want to remind everybody. Bon jovi's in rock and Roll Hall of fame warns Yvonne's never been nominated def Leppard is in the rock and Roll Hall of fame warns Yvonne has never been nominated. How old would warranties on business the eight sixty eight. Yeah. Yeah. He died in two thousand three four three or four three. I think it was September two thousand two thousand three because I remember he was diagnosed and he lived longer than they they said he was every diagnosis. I think he lived over a little over here about a year. And he, but when he when I remember when they when they when he got diagnosed with cancer, he said, look all I wanna do is make it to the new bond movie 'cause he was he was a huge fan. The world is not enough was the bond movie and they ended up screening it for him. It would have been die another day because day the rose not enough as ninety nine. Okay. Well, wow. Yeah. James BOND fan. Maybe. Okay. So die. Another day is the one with Halle Berry with Halle Berry. Did Madonna do the song? Okay. That's that's the one. I get my Pierce Brosnan movies all mixed. She's and she's well because Pierce Brosnan is in a different movie. He's great. Yeah. And those movies are terrible. Yeah. Like, he's he's in a great JAMES BOND movie. I don't know. I'd love to see those you don't like GoldenEye golden is pretty good tomorrow. Never dies. Pretty good. Great. Well. Yeah. The world is not enough has got some great stuff in it. But it's super it's because it was it was directed by the guy who did the seven up movies. And then the action sequences are directed by somebody else. Yeah. And so it's this great like emotional thing. And then these super crazy Michael habitat directed there. Yeah. Wow. Yeah. I don't even remember, I really don't even remember. Yeah. It's got sofi. Marceau and. Robert Carlyle is the bad guy. Carlisle's the bad guy, which which one is the one where Jonathan is the bad guy. That's tomorrow. Never dies. Upper he's he's selling. He's starting a war to get the cable rights to China for a hundred years. Good reason. I don't even remember see. I'm not the biggest bond guy in the world. You know, I thought. Casino. Royale was phenomenal. And I wasn't crazy. I know everybody loved. For sky fall. Yeah. Everybody loved that. One. Albert Albert Finney's in that one right? Running around with a gun. Is that sky fall? Or is that? Now. Yeah. Now because all of the all the action sequences in the in the crag movies are great and actually quantum of solace. If you sort of watch it as like a bunch of extra scenes from casino royale. It's awesome. Yeah. But it's not really a good. It's not a good stand alone movie. There's a great that opens with a great car sequence. Anyway, it's yeah, I'm a huge colbrad. Clearly, I this is something I did not know about you. Yeah. Favorite bond movie? Probably I'm supposed to say on Her Majesty's secret service. But I'm gonna I'm gonna which is a great. I imagine secret service is a great great film. It's a great diamonds are forever. That's the first one. I saw in the theater. It's it's it's so it's just everything that's right about bond. They Connery is just funny enough angry. He's old he's five years younger than. I think four or five years younger than Roger Moore was at the time and looks like he's like twenty. Yeah. That's true. I mean, it's just great. It's just all the way through it's funny because you know. The bond that during my formative years was Roger Moore was the bond. I grew up on the first bond movie I ever saw in the theater was diamonds are forever. That was his last. Well, Connery his last right bond movie until he did never say never again official. Right. But I remember seeing it in the movie theater, and I was really young when he came out probably five or six when again, but Roger Moore was like my teenage years more, and in retrospect, Roger Moore is not very good now in the bond movies. And he's well, I think there's some good again because all of those things kind of mashed together, and he made a lot of movies, really quick. Yeah. So I I enjoy looking back on it. I enjoy Roger Moore now more, and I like a lot of those sequences and a lot of the stuff from Roger Moore's from the books. So the the plots aren't the same. But all the action sequences are pulled. Yeah. Okay. So if you look at how I dunno. I forget which one it is. But there's a whole there's a whole movie where like everything. Has from directly from the books, and they were doing that a lot in those more years all action sequences are the really well. Composed. Yeah. You know, but he's faithful faithful he he's the Saint. That's why he got the gig. Right. So anyway, I did not know you were an expert on the JAMES BOND movies. Yeah. Well, neither did I know that. We'll bring it up next Wednesday. Seve on seven. Yeah. So here's the deal. So he wanted to in. So they screened it for him. And he was disappointed. Yes. In it. But and so another another aspect of Warren's, Yvonne. We have to talk about is. How much David Letterman loved him and the relationship that he had with David Letterman. Yeah. And that last appearance. That's Yvonne made on Letterman before he passed away is just fantastic and very touching. Yeah. And he was he like Paul Shaffer would anytime Paul Shaffer was a way in which wasn't very often. Would he always said and said to Letterman on his last appearance on your your best friend my music ever had? And I mean, I think that with with certain musicians definitely was Yvonne and even to a certain extent Tom waits like their guys like certain other. Talk show hosts our networks wouldn't wanna touch. Yeah. Let him was like that's the guy. Yeah. I want him on my show. It was always. And it was great because I've been I was as Yvonne fan for, you know, for years, and I love the fact that Letterman embrace warns Yvonne because you didn't see warns Yvonne anywhere right now, really easy. Didn't you have a lot of exposure on television? At all agreed and didn't get a lot of have a ton of radio play either. You know, I think people might know some of the songs that he's written that other people have recorded true like poor poor pitiful me, Linda, Ronstadt hit. Yeah. And he was down the wind as now the windy xactly. And so, you know, it's interesting that that people might have known some of his songs had no idea who he was or could he was always kind of on the fringe. We talked about we talk about this every year when you guys come in. What was your first? The first exposure warns Yvonne for it was saying, my my oldest brother's record collection and seeing the record. Excitable boy. And I'm like who is this weird looking dude. This is a weird. Look is there a gun on a plate on the back. And then I listened to it. Was ten years old. This is kind of scary. But kind of cool. Yeah. Yeah. So so what about you probably probably here in like where wolves on the radio? Yeah, I used to play game where I would try to guess who the when I was a kid, and I didn't have access to all the wreckage. Listen, the classic rock radio guests who was a singer visit song, I didn't know. And who did you guess was the singer was we're warns Yvonne. Oh, and now I mean 'cause he's so distinctive. I remember hearing lawyers guns and money the first time, that's the that's the very distinctive vocal style. No question about it. A question about the as we always mention. Incredible songwriter, and with a wicked sense of humor like his songs are there. Some really funny stuff in his sizeable. Boy is a hilarious song and Roland the headless Thompson gunner the payoff at the end like the final line is so hilarious. I was I heard where we'll London, and I thought it was great and got and got excitable boy. And then became obsessed with with it and with him and went back and got the first record. And then stayed obsessed with Warren's Yvonne all the way up until his death. And and. I just think, you know, one of the one of the best one of the best songwriters of all time where he makes his music with lyric is just it's really pretty. Like, I said he's up there with Bob Dylan Springsteen and Tom waits. They just don't make them like that. No question about it. No question about it. I love the fact that you guys celebrate his birthday every year. I went to the first couple. And at the now, defunct quenchers. Yes. All quenchers with all their beer like nine hundred different beers quenchers. And now it's gonna be a doctor's office is that well, that's appropriate. Yeah. Last time. I was here. I needed it. I had the the what what somebody told me the best phone interview. I just told Chris this story the best phone interview. I've ever had the day after that first is Yvonne show. So we were all hanging out and and drink, Dan and having a good time. And sometimes when I'm singing and playing you can't tell like, I've had a little too much you wake up I wake up with a hangover, and we're like, but I wasn't drunk that that morning I woke up with a righteous hangover, and I had this phone interview. And I sat in a Einstein brothers bagels with my hand in my ear, and I ended up not getting the job. And I knew the guy who I was interviewing and he's like, no, no, no. He was like he's like going into that going into the in person interviews, you're the top candidate. And in fact, that was the best phone interview I've ever had with anybody in in in my life, and you were hung over after I was I was hung over that night the next morning after that the next three days. All right. Hang on guys. Okay. Chris Anderson and Charlie shorter hair Andrews's mustache. We'll talk more warns. Yvonne, you guys should go out. And check this out. These guys do a fantastic job. And it's the ninth annual warns Yvonne bash and it's the twenty third at space in Evanston. Okay. Let's take a quick break. And we got more coming up after this. Act crazy little drum, by the way,.

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