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All wonderful, your all bitching. Thanks so much. And let's get back to what it was that. We were doing which I'm not really sure. Oh, yeah. But yeah, Ted bell getting the on the the Buffalo Bills. Mafia was at Ted Bell's of Ted Bell's Beverly Hills. Okay. Yeah. Thanks for spitting that out. It's all right. But what else anyway to Ted wanted to be in with the bills Buffy because he thought the next big thing. So he started jumping tables, you know, jumping through tables that they do the bills go up like tailgate Dame and jump through tables. So Mr. bell had a bunch of tables out of the parking lot. And they were jumping through tables at Beverly Hills. Yeah. Yeah. So so anyway, he wanted to be like cool and do and then he realized that the bills lost. And he busted up a bunch of tables. I think he had absorbed Sutton, what happened well back. So he winds up with a bad back a bunch of bus tables, and he's he regrets it because he thought he was going to be Mr. cool. Look at me the bills mafia is in town, and I'm gonna jump through tables. This ask jump through six tables mound up with a busted rear end or something. What what do you mean by that? Bruin his back and the bills west the game. Is you know, I saw a little bit of the now some people giving me a hard time. If you're going to put bull. I didn't watch the games. I did not watch the game or games. I watched the highlights and let me just say this here, we go. Yeah. I knew you'd be slipping back on this day. Wait a minute, man. Let me just say something. Doing filled trying to get this paper that the full off the table. I know I said that I was boy cut in the NFL games because of the concussions, and I recognize that there's only so much of this boycotting stuff, I can do until I you know, sooner or later, I'm sitting down watching the damn game. I'm not gonna you know, I'm not going to stand on principle. I think I I'm not gonna stand on principle and avoid a game that I love watching that the players are engaging in voluntarily, but I will tell you. I feel bad is a fan. All these years supporting a game that is crippling these players and nothing was being done about it. What about the concussion protocol? Don't you think that's proactive doing something? No. I do. I recognize that they're trying to protect the players now. Better late than never and like that. And I absolutely encourage them to continue that I'd hate like hell to see some other player losing his life or some other player becoming debilitated to it extreme because of this. But that that's that was the only statement that I wanted to make. Yeah, got loss because no one gave a sweet JC about what you did because the players were kneeling down and everybody was flipped out about that. What did you think about that general? But what what did you think about the players kneeling down, and the, you know, people being upset for that. I don't know. I had no I didn't know I thought they were kneeling down because they were saying a prayer sub desk. But usually what they do right now, they weren't saying a prayer. They were protesting maltreatment the hands of the police, a young African American men being unjustly accosted, and and brutalized in some instances by the police that was the protest. All right. They're doing it during the national anthem. Yes, they were doing it during the national. That's why I don't wanna go through this again. Okay. Yeah. What the general things? Well, you know what? I don't care. I care if you want to protest the country through the anthem it through the flag. I got no problem. It's america. Do I like that individual? I don't what I protest that way. No. I wouldn't what I kick. That guy's Asif. He came within about say three feet of me. Nobody was looking. Yes. I would what I says if there are no witnesses. Yes. I would would it. All right, Geno. We got mighty general. But I just wanna be clear you're clear. All right. Phil you guys, but it wasn't a witness. You believe it. That's great. That's good to know, man. Next time somebody gets his ass kicked. And they don't know who it is said to your house..

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