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Man was hospitalized good news for workers at fifth third bank the boss announcing the minimum wage is going to be raised again the goal is to keep down to tract good employee says when they increase the minimum wage in January of last year from twelve to fifteen dollars an hour it resulted in a sixteen percent reduction in employee turnover now fifth third bank is raising the minimum wage again and we'll talk about forty nine hundred fifth third employees of which sixteen are those in the Cincinnati area will have the biggest impact on Cincinnati of all of our markets the third CEO and chairman Gregg Carmichael says starting October twenty eighth their minimum wage will be eighteen dollars an hour he expects that they'll retain even more employees and also improve morale and overall customer service Rick you Chaigneau newsradio seven hundred WLW our country's two largest newspaper published shares are merging deal announced at gatehouse media is buying the net the owner of USA today and the Enquirer and about a hundred other papers stocks rebounding from their worst day of the year yesterday's China has calmed fears of a currency war the Dow gaining three hundred and twelve points today after China's central bank said its currency at a higher than expected level against the American dollar the Dow was down seven hundred and seventy points yesterday the fears of a trade war nasdaq up a hundred and seven S. and P. five hundred up thirty seven news radio seven hundred W..

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