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Mailed it out yet you can do that today as long as it's postmark by today. You can also drop it off right here in the Mesa registered voters or at your polling place. So that's all the information pretty much good overview there, Amanda shot ski over news eight and the one part of that the clip from Michael registered voters talking about how you can be out on campus, and this this register and vote the same day thing just has disaster written all over Mark. How can you say that because I just did because we know why that came to be in the first place. It's a great way. If elections are close to quick, let's round up people living or dead. Let's get him out there. Well, pay him to get to the polls, especially if people are saying, oh, elections can come down to a single vote. You must go out and vote. You don't how they do it. In fact, Tom bell Macara was talking about this the other day, and they still do it this way, I know 'cause I grew up in the Chicago area where the unions, for example, and I'm not taking not attacking men and women who are members of the unions because often what they believe and who they support doesn't match. What the union leadership says as they say, forty six gazillion nurses agree with now the front. Office does the people have no choice. But there are cases where you'll have polling places in union halls and the old days, and I got to believe they still do this come up, and you say, hey, Gladys Gladys Fernley we got your ballot here. Don't just sit back, relax. We'll take care of your vote will vote for you. It's all good. And of course, you can you can do that in California. They sell would never happens when you're not allowed. You're not asked for you. Don't have to prove your identity because it just wouldn't be fair. Anybody could vote. So you mix that together with the motor-voter how many people are voting today, and that's still screwed up. How many thousands? Did we find that the five hundred thirty five? Yeah. A lot of the number. I don't know. Twenty some thousand order was were they said, oops. We had a problem. You know, that wasn't all of it because they had a couple of waves of that. So you add this thing where you could say, oh, it's election day. I don't know what's going on. Hey, hey. Joey, let's go down and whoa. Bigger registered to vote. That'll be fun. You know, then you get into people voting for. I see that person on TV. I like them. Let's go for that. It's just it's just you know, it's not gonna lead to good things. But we're told it's great. And how dare we question? It. Because life's not fair, Mark. Oh, that's why here's Joe Scarborough over there on the MSNBC planet this morning talking. This is again from the tolerant left, I find this very interesting with Joseph have always had a.

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