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Spokesperson for what jerky was wow that's fascinating has a lot of pressure because 'cause i guess chevy was the first person to leave and like that original cast was so foundational to it's still being show like they survived some really down years after that partly because there was such a legend of those first five years i think but i that's amazing that that i could see how that rivalry which is sort of grow out of neither of them ever doing anything mean to each other directly there's just like weird vibes constantly and we're chatter around them it's probably something like that i didn't know they physically fought that's since i don't know how bad it was but i hear words that make it seem like it got physical which doesn't i don't know i don't know what a fair fight that would be chevy chase seems a lot taller in better shape but bill murray also seems like a scrapper but then chevy chase seems like somebody who'd kick your angles they they both seem like they would go for it i if that fight happened it was probably rough they're probably a lot of cards awakes knocked over and a real real hard time this is not too far afterwards so that's very yeah yeah i mean i feel like a lot of this movie was not heavily planned just going in a including two of the main people being people who don't like each other because apparently also murray's role was not supposed to be that big and then it grew a lot as they were going on they just kept loving what he made up let's interesting that israel was supposed to be a big when this is his story when his brothers are making it yeah that's true yeah maybe maybe they felt they were telling enough brian doyle murray story and bill was incidental to it i don't really know but they because they had bill murray flying back and forth from new york doing he was in the still in the middle of doing us annell and they were having him keep flying down i guess weekdays weekends to like just pick up some more scenes of rambling about vietnam and and ogling women and living away life yeah he is he is also a legitimate creep yeah it's it's pretty upsetting c n yeah.

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