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The state's 39 county. That's Khyber radios. Hannah Scott, Let's go to Cairo Radio Realty. I'm traffickers, Tracy Taylor. Well, we're definitely on the slower side for drivers on the south by five between Highway 18 towards the Tacoma Dome, a drivers and that that has some sun glare added to that, But you know, we were talking 10 minutes ago about the pretty good line upon the Valley Freeway heading south bound, especially around 24th and heading out to the 4 10 5 12 interchange since 5 12 is jammed up getting closer to Meridian. Backups. I think this has something to do with the Milwaukee Bridge closure. That's just a lot of added pressure in that area were definitely on the heavier side of things. For those of you here in Seattle on Southland, five through the convention center south and four or five Still finding yourself is stuck in a few brake lights outside of Bellevue and working its way in towards Newcastle. The drive on north on four or five still touches the brakes that the Valley Freeway Everything looks great on north on four or five, just a smidge of heavy traffic as we get closer to 85th. Therein, Kirkland traffic is brought to you by the Washington and the Office of the Secretary of State Elections division. If you still need to register to vote visit Vote Wahdat Governor Register by today, that's V o t w a dot gov. Cairo Radio. Real time traffic. I'm Tracy Taylor. Your Khyber Radio forecast calls for lows tonight in the upper thirties tomorrow, mostly sunny with highs in the low to mid fifties. It's 52 in downtown Seattle. I'm Bosch for breaking news highlights, Podcasts and Mohr download the Cairo radio at Cairo radio here for what's next..

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