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Accepted every we offer to me regardless of size to share teach in so value and because of that I rank high in Google and I still get traffic affects my old website and Bassa value of just saying hey. I'm heather and I love P._R.. And a half about P._R.. And that's it so figuring out what you WanNa talk about what you WanNa be known for into seeps in free to teach. interspecies will really make you a machine force or so. I have a client who have a notes about twenty five million dollar company. They are manufacturers. It happened. <hes> you know the the the CEO is a very powerful visionary and he is really created a skunkworks for the company nights of of Evia in and they do want to become they do want to become well-known in the country for their advanced engineering what would be valuable for him so for hand route so I think trade publications and it's three publications where buyers are reading investor looking at taught media that cover end myriad smart cities or whatever he's products for engineering are really the two areas that I feed for him and I think to looking at what events are coming up what he speak on except trust are really high profile defiled pieces for him in the last is looking at universities in getting him together three watcher about engineering at a local university. Okay who's been very very interesting under this has been a wonderful to experience in the hearing from you know what. What would you like to say to business owners in Orange County at a microphone? It's all yours. Tell them what you'd like them to do. So here's the thing a you are not to our P._R.. Is Not part of your strategy or business. It's not an option not do it so you need submissive figuring out in doing it. Whether it's trying it yourself you try to podcasts or if you want a free discovery all just like talk about what's passable. You have to meet that commitment to yourself because times are changing..

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