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Sending someone like a weird. I don't wanna say it in front of her. They send out of the house But there were some reverberations With both big d and aasa neither of them were too pleased with how this turned out. we really we spend much more time Scally with Big d and how. He was really in his feelings. After this Yeah we start out with big d talking about how he does not know why are not getting him out but at the same time why are people putting me on the block and putting me danger so he is very upset that he was not consulted. How dare they do. They know how many second-places he's one. It's obviously for him. He is upset about the prospect of kylenovic savior potentially being closer than he is with either of them and Things are not looking great for him. Here how how long do we think it takes big to on this whole situation as his idea to go up on the block. Feel like it's already happened in the future just down And then on the other side of things don't tell that Was not happy that nobody checked with her before the us veto and i was hoping that the reason why she was upset was because she didn't actually want to send out hannah but it's just the fact that they didn't consult her like they did something and she had to put up big d even though they were gonna keep big d just like this is so poor. I'm like you're going to be upset about it because he wanted to say and it didn't grow your didn't go the way wanted to not because you had to put up big d and this circumstance. Obviously not that to you okay. We started to find out here. We've got some confessionals that executive your might wanna take thailand. Yes this is. The best part of the episode is the best part of the week. It's like i feel like you're wanting to cut thailand here. You know it might not be the best moving the world but it for me is like like this. Us air as drowning in this. Like.

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