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Some still got a lot of fight left in me. Also, if Trump is a Trump is losing by ten or 11 o'clock at night, it's going to be even greater. I guess I just don't. I'm so excited. I'm a directing the attorney general to shut down all ballot prices off 50 states. This could have been enough. He's not going out either. If Biden's winning, Trump is going to be crazy. Um. Yeah. I thank you, Travis for helpfully. Labeling those Steve Bannon sound bites, did they just record everything? I mean, it's true. Financial is always right. Down the folder, it's actually a recording, so illegal that we did. Tapes of the elite. That would be, Steve Bannon, just in time for his trial starting Monday. That would be him. Basically. Yep. Giving up the whole plot ahead of time. Also, deleting your texts, Secret Service after they've been requested. Not at all. Suspicious. From January 6th. It was an equipment turnover, Stephanie. Yes. Come on. You know, when I'm turning over Michael, and I delete all my texts. Sure, particularly when someone has Asked. for them, sure. Okay. And there was a Secret Service agent that corroborated what Cassidy said. Yes. Yes. So a lot. It's a good thing. I only have to wait a few minutes for going to church because the getting of Glen kirshner would be the most important thing. He's been gone. Good. Thank you. Yes, I thought, okay, is there something I'm missing being a techno spans, as you know? Are you sure? Right. Andrew workman said the only reason Secret Service members would delete text messages after the request to turn them over is that they revealed Trump's plan to whisk Pence away from the capitol so he could certify. He couldn't certify the 2020 election results. These loyalists must be purged from their positions. I don't know if that's the only reason. I mean, perhaps we told the president there are guns in the crowd and he said, bring them in anyways. Yeah. Right. How did the world get so stupid? He did that. Yes. Between this and COVID is raging again, how did the world get so stupid? I believe that's a Carl says rocky quote, we just themed and put it on a T-shirt. Also, does this tell you everything you need to know about the world is Malcolm Nance who wrote, they want to kill Americans in malicious terrorists and to reign ideology of the Trump insurgency. I'm hosting I moderating the book event with Malcolm here in LA next Thursday, which has now been moved to virtual due to security concerns. So we're going to come out and see us live in LA. You have to see us virtually because the author of they want to kill Americans and me have apparently I didn't see them but apparently there was security concerns from certain tweets or something. Are you sure this wasn't a clever ruse on your part to get it moved to your house so you don't have to leave the house? You would think. I would suspect me, too. I would also suspect me, but no. I was looking forward to American hero, Malcolm Nancy and I live. In Pasadena. Well, you'll be live. Right. It is still sponsored by Roman's bookstore. Right. But we were designed by Romans books for and all the information is that Roman's bookstore dot com. Yes, yes. But Malcolm and I will be doing it live, but would take live questions and all that stuff from our studio. Okay, I just let that doesn't that belong in the isn't it ironic file that the person that is warning you that there are people that are out to okay. Isn't it

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