China, Gracie, Fisher discussed on Global News Podcast - Disputed Kenyan Presidential Re-run Election to Proceed


China has unveiled a new leadership it's seven strong politburo are the same by the communist party leaders xi jinping six others all men will sit him powell with him for the next five years unusually in a break with custom the lineup includes no potential successor for mr she the ceremony in the great hall of the people was the last act in the scripted spectacle of the party congress i'll trying to educate gracie looks back on a congress which has broken so much new ground seven top communists in dark suits gingerly down the red carpet in the glare of the cameras seeing is believing said segeant paying as he introduced the new men who china the selection process is so a paik that until they appeared noone knew fisher who they'd be it turns out all technocrats in the '60s or late '50s too old to become she's successor so yet again he's broken with rules introduced to avoid factionfights and coups the absence of a leaderinwaiting ready to step into the party chief shoes creates uncertainty over whether xi jinping intends to leave office in five years time but it also ensures that no one can steal his limelight not since chairman mao has the fate of china arrested so heavily on one man a man who says he intends to build a great socialist nation with a firstclass militray and to export his political model of disciplined oneparty rule around the world a winning formula for chinese who share his big power and positions.

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