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James. Blaine had hoped that this gathering of ministers would give his candidacy a last minute. Boost coupled with a bombshell happen after David Blaine had hoped this event would rally the people of New York to his side instead. Word spoken by Reverend Samuel Birch Amir six days before Election Day. Swallowed Blames Candidacy Hall team after Burchard speech. Many men in the crowd looked murderous in his impromptu. Alliteration BURCHARD UNDID. Almost all lanes hard campaign work. His words were seen as bigoted nativist and insensitive to prudence. Very few people applauded as blame. Took the podium. After burchard blamed didn't know what was wrong. He hadn't heard or wasn't paying attention to birds words so he delivered his scripted remarks without distancing himself from Bertrand's offensive comments the official stenographer left before campaign leader could expunge the Reverend's words from the record and a few hours later newspaper editor. Arthur Gorman received copy of Reverend Burchard speech he immediately published it. Noting blames lack of rebuttal. Gorman gloated if anything will elect Cleveland these words we'll do it on November fourth. Eighteen eighty four Americans went to the polls as expected the southern states voted solidly for the Democrat. Cleveland Blaine carried the West and Midwest but the real contest as expected was in New York. Heavy rains pounded the empire state on Election Day. This kept many rural. Republican voters in upstate. New York from traveling to their polling stations city dwellers mostly Democrats had an easier time casting their ballots and when the votes were counted. Cleveland won by a razor-thin margin beating. Blaine by only one thousand forty seven votes but he was enough to give all of. New York's thirty six electoral votes to Cleveland. Cleveland garnered two hundred nineteen electoral votes and the majority of the popular vote. He owed his success to a few key factors. I the election focused on personal background and scandals instead of pertinent political issues. Though the Maria Halpin affair was a large stain on his record. Cleveland was more appealing choice than the scandal. Ridden Blaine the second. The Republican Mug ones who made every effort to discredit blame probably push public opinion towards Cleveland. Lastly Cleveland's own reputation as reformer gave him a boost. People were not just against Blaine. They were voting for Cleveland and his brand of pro reform politics and so elected Cleveland Resolve to bring with him to Washington the best man the Democratic Party had to offer. He would not play favorites or allow favors he told. A confidante henceforth. I must have no friends a march fourth. Eighteen eighty-five grover. Cleveland became the first Democrat to take the oath of office since before the civil war true to his word Cleveland would strive for a transparent administration and were to reduce patronage in the capital but his term in office would be marked by violent social unrest on the next episode of wicked gain. The election of eighteen eighty eight as social unrest rocks the nation and threatens grover Cleveland's chances for a second term. Cleveland faces off against the grandson of former president. Deft campaigner in a rising star in the Republican Party Benjamin Harrison. Don't miss a single week of our marsh from seventeen eighty nine to twenty twenty. Hit the button and your podcast APP now. The show is supported by you our listeners. Please give us a rainy and leave a review with a single best way to help this show grow is to tell others share with your friends and family find us on Social Media. Wicked game pod. And I'm at Lindsey Graham. Another way to support. This show is to go to wicked game. Podcast DOT COM members. There get early access to add free episodes as well as bonus content only available to members. Find out more at wicked game. Podcast DOT COM and about how to reenactments in most cases. We can't know exactly what was said but everything. Our show is heavily researched and based on surviving historical documents. Wicked game is an airship production created hosted and executive produced by me. Lindsey Graham sounds by Derek Barons Co executive produced by Stephen Walters in association with ritual productions this episode written and researched by Seattle Salazar. Fact checking by Greg Jackson and Sale Salazar from the PODCAST history. That doesn't suck music by Lindsey. Graham stricken by wondering..

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