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Said if you shave Miley Cyrus and my and your chest, I'll go out with you guys and he didn't do it. Just an MC. Did you tell them you're the big? I mean, you're a young kid. You seem like you're in, they'll you tell them to shave his chest to MC that you can you tell? Dude, I told I told him. Done, whatever she want. I would have, shaved, whatever. She wanted me to shave to, to get a response. But Julian wasn't about it. He was like, man, I'm not going to I'm not going to be that person. Like first first off. He's like, I don't think that that attractive, but how would I look like as a man saving empty into my chest? And I get that. I'll have any chance here in shape but I'll do whatever. She tells me to do ma'am. I was like, did you what an idiot? I'm twenty-three man, I grew up on like the Hannah Montana train, so like that's Hannah, Montana to me, so yeah, whatever she tells me to do to do it, but that's that's going to be your next publicity thing. It's nice to the care, put it in your pocket and see, Ariana Grande or something, cuz he, he got more love for that. Comes out and shoot, man, so I had to call out. I was going to take a page out of Jewel. Jewels Jewels book and do a call out. I was practicing it for about two weeks before the fight like every day, I was in the shower. Shower like two or three times a day cuz I'm training like two three times a day. So I had it down to a science man. I was practicing in the shower everyday a couple of times a day and then so I was ready. Then the last ten seconds that they're round his last fight. I get fucked up, dude. Probably the most I ever been rocked the fight. I try to, I think I'm Max Holloway or something last. 10 seconds, I'm ten dating the round table, Nate in third round. I decided to point to the floor and, you know, just draw some excitement. And I get clip hard man, like I was, I was on a different planet do it. I was on a different planet for about 15 minutes post office. Like I was still wasn't wasn't there. So I was pretty fogged up. So when Joe pulls me in, in my head I'm like, all right, do the call out Jeff. And then, as he's talking to me, I'm not even really paying attention. And, to be honest, most page views, pretty foggy. But I'm like, I'm not going to fucking, dude. I'm going to sound stupid. So, I completely just ditched that plan for my call now and then the Elon Musk. Man, I was in a call. I had it down to a fucking science. It was going to be perfect. I wasn't, I wasn't trying to be the first to us. Now you'll on. All right, so I wasn't looked at in the office, I was personal to say, Joe, I hate to do this because a good friend of yours, but I got a call that I want to do you spell right? Four zeros mr. Millionaire, you know, something like that. And, and I was in, look dead dead camera. Be like, Elon Musk. You're taking everything I work for and then I'll just stop. Just kidding, man. You're a fucking Legend and icon, you know, the endeavours you're in with Tesla SpaceX neuralink like, you know, what you're doing with your money, it's like helping humanity. And speaking of a diverse, I heard, you're part of the Endeavor team. Now, and I want to be the first fight sponsored by Elon and then I was gonna go on to ask for a free car..

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