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Yeah and like the thing with the pumps this to me if I watch like an NFL. Coach some dumb ass. Like Dan Quinn or if I watch you know like one of the college coaches who it's like. This is a great Recruiter you know when they make the stupid stupid punt call. I'm like Oh this is dumb. This is dumb when herm does it man I know he believes in it. I know he is putting his soul into that point. And I'm like yes. Yes I yes. I'm right there with you. It's like when Rod Gilmore says. I would point here. I'm like God dance light. That's your that's your that's in your mirror can't change ensure you are that's right. Yeah that's right you like. I know this is the wrong idea but I know you believe in it. Let's do it. Yeah I know you think that you're actually kicking so much as when you the punt there right. Like it's kind of the counter. Leroy Jenkins you G Roy. Lincoln's what are you doing. Stay right here. Waiting orders disconnect and it's when somebody folds poker so hard they like slammed. I am the cards through the table right. What do you think you're it? You're the Dragon. Leroy Jenkins attacked night. y'All show aggression. I'll just wait for you to come to me. This was a game by the way. We're just in Herbert Baid. Some made made some really weird throws. I don't even say like bad throws because bad throws imply. Excuse me future Denver Bronco just a giant Jackson Shave a quarterback you say questionable decision making also huge. All I can. They are joke about accurate. Which one of Y'all said it about John elway takes one look at? It's all quarterback says. Wow this guy is almost as tall as me is maybe like a seven five. The quarterback has seven five and three hundred and five pounds and he would go man that guy almost as big as John. Elway elway like John. Do you think John Elway believes that John elway as the size of an actual rocky mountain I do. I think like if filling out ormsby as a very specific form of body this morph. Yeah I'm going to pull out a very deep cut here but have any of you ever read to the very end of the CS Lewis Chronicles of Narnia series series. Guess for a longtime okay. Do you remember the Non Aslam lion the second lion vaguely. There's this there's the second lion who shows up at the last battle who's not aslam at all this lion does is run around and be like I'm alliance like Aslam and did you know did. And he's like visibly smaller not as glorious as as land but He's like hey me and aslund him and me US lions anyway. John Elway John Elway a John elway on jeopardy under the category mountains. For eight hundred it would be. It would be the tallest mountain in Colorado and he'd be like who is me. It was John Elway. John elway really John. Hey John put your put some in personal information on here okay. Gender Mega Zord large. Ah I don't need a big and tall store do tall tall stored that's brock is will brock osweiler's the second tallest mountain in America. Next to you may. This was the that's he is in altitude because he was so used to walk around with his own elevated skull. That's the the thing with Justin Herbert in this game I just made weird throws man not even like bad. Were you thought. Oh well we saw this in the instead did this now. No He's like his picks just I duNno. Donations right. Wanted to make it make it spicy. Wanted to make it interesting through it right to the defense. Not Dot net. Not a game. He will want to remember a game. So weird and bad that Announcers during the game. We're saying yes today. Probably cost him some money which yeah. It's very perverse way to look at things. It's none of our jokes. None of our jokes have come close to the funniest real thing that happened associated with this game. That's after the final whistle Oray when herm Edwards when Herm Edwards at the at midfield handshake says tomorrow crystal. Good luck in the playoffs. I love this because if literally any other college football coach does this you say. Wow what a dick if he does it you just say oh he. He thinks thinks he thinks he just out of like the divisional to the wildcard round picks. Oregon's a wildcard now before on this show about her over the beat to the end of the season and be like. Hey we got a bye week or no that we weren't we're nine and seven that really that really might have happened. We have spoken this into existence. It and we're going to the sun bowl round of the playoffs. Where will face a very exciting wake forest team do you think? Do you think gets confused when they play a ball game if they were to go to called the belt ball if they show up and they're like wiser North Carolina team here. I thought we were the road. Team Playoffs Weird. Think what happens is after they play play the panthers tell Ron Rivera. Hello so so I think what happens is they have like a Mynah bird protocol right. After if they win their bowl game they have to put her in a very dark room until it's time for until it's time for them to practice for their season opener next year because otherwise he's just gonNa keep prepping prepping for the next round of playoffs. They're gonNA never come on. But as long as they keep like a blanket over his head. nighttime Oh nighttime they actually they actually don't even tell him it's it's a ballgame their dislike yet on week fourteen boss here we got. We got a bunch of BI weeks. Don't worry about your team. Lives in El Paso. That's why we're going there. Just make sure he has a lot a lot of very soothing. Music low lights may be a water feature in the end. They just let him sleep until August. There just play the Fox. NFL theme real low injuries surgery. So the other versus the other possibility is that her knows exactly how this all I'll also knows that he can get away with being a deck. Because we'll just say oh earns can actually mean things. I don't. I believe this is true. I desperately wanted to pitch right right right. Yeah the playoffs. So just so just herm sitting like very very like like sitting in a chair in a dark room that theme music. Play this. This is now now my like this is now my relaxation music. Box version of the injuries due to and our next focused team requests. This is what I'm going to think about and meditation. We need full forecast theme injury the injury I think. That's the jazz theme we started with. This is our is the injury mode up amazing time in the chronology of this show to find out what we have disciplining the middle school band directors out there in the audience every had no one ever known wasn't incredibly violent angry person and I respect all of you more reasons just two more reasons to consider Arizona state are presented every week by reality. This game in particular was a bounty of them not just for her Edward. I'd say good luck in the playoffs. After the shake of thing that actually happened. But this that this is a six and five team and they're real happy about how things things are going if they'd beat Arizona they'll be seven and five and everyone at Arizona. State will say hell. Yes hell yes this was. This was a really fun year. Yeah because I got a six and five team that I'm just right you could go to Arizona State and said get six and five and thing. Yeah it's also great because because they fired Todd Graham who was essentially doing exactly yes and you're like yes. This is much better. What are you going to do? We're going to have a visionary Mary Shakeup of the Athletic eight managers and one brand manager named Herm Edwards who oversees the football football aura of the athletic ever that we referred to as Arizona State. Spirit here symbolized by this devil flying flying on the wings of a giant Tarantula Hawk Holy Shit and you know what the results will be the exact same thing we were doing doing but but now he might go to the red box bowl right. That's right it didn't exist before you'll note that's all of this. Basically just equal the same record. I refer you to the visual can on a Tarantula Hawk. It's different now l.. Venture capital talked about a lot of my favorite pet maven DOT com. Should we move to another where fifty three minutes to item three on our list of mine is mine's very quick. So Ohio state I'm sorry if I'm not going to overreact. That they only be Penn State by eleven. Like if you get if you forced three fumbles and recover them all. And they're all like doc incredibly ill-timed for Ohio state and you still never lied during that game. I'm not like really gonNA worry about it. I was curious though so I looked this up. Ohio state is currently leading the nation scoring a little over forty nine point game points per game not a good metric but it is helpful for this on the year. Ohio state has won defensive touchdown zero kick or punt return touchdowns like watching this team. You just watching this team. It is considering how good they are on defense. You just watch them go out and just do the thing they want to do. Nothing illustrated that to me. More brutally than the first drive they had of the game where they go ninety one yards and score a touchdown they chew up about five minutes of clock and they do it with twelve runs and one pass which was an incompletion. They decided sited on the first drive on offense against Penn State Defense. That's you know everybody's been talking about it. They can really shut down the road or whatever they ran the ball twelve fucking working times and moved ninety one yards to take to start the game. That's great I love how road that is. It's insanely radio. Whatever they please they? They're insanely rude. Yeah Yeah also. That's the best match. They'll face because Michigan is not made Michigan's not made to deal with that they're not you know the cruelest thing that you know the cruelest thing. That's happened to Michigan. This week is that people have decided to work. Look out being insanely unlikely. Math journey by which Michigan Beats Ohio State and also quote must considered a playoff contender. Like people have found a way to take this Michigan team which is playing much better. People are on Alex. Kirschner did this. He asked this before Saturday was even over. He could try this. I know I know but I don't think he did enough credit for being neater than any of us. Well in Alice's this is case it's also like he wants to find every possible. He's like doctor strange..

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