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You just want to check that the shutdown could go on for months or even a year or longer. Did you say that I did is that we are? We are. Absolutely. I said that I don't think it will. But I am prepared. And I think I can speak for Republicans in the house and Republicans in the Senate, they feel very strongly about having a safe country having a border that makes sense without borders. I've said it many times we don't have a country. I hope it doesn't go on even beyond a few more days. It really could open very quickly. I told them at bring who you want. We have three people you can ideally bring three, but you can bring six you can bring nine you can bring dwell and they're going to be working over the weekend. I think it may have been somewhat contentious. But I think it was very productive. I have to say that. And I think he said that to all right. That was the president in the rose garden after meeting with democratic leaders day, fourteen of the government partial shutdown continues and the battle over the border funding as well Nancy Pelosi thinks he's being really really. Really strong. I'll give him a penny. You're not getting your wall. Mr president. Right. So she dug in the president also saying that he might declare a national security emergency down at the border and the behavior of Pelosi in Schumer, and their need now to tend to the radical element that has been elected in, you know. In the congress as a real problem for them. But that's a very big problem. And the funny thing is all these Democrats we've played for you many times are on record saying that they want the border wall. If you go back to the end of last year, what do you say do the twelve Americans that were killed by illegal immigrants in two thousand eighteen alone. Or what do you say to the family of officer saying a legal immigrant was a five month old son that will never see his father? Again, what do you say to the families that have been ravaged by the opioid epidemic and heroin addictions that have been going on and Fenton all problems ninety percent of which is coming across our southern border. What do you say about those people that you know, the government aiding and abetting further criminality when illegal immigrants create crimes, and then they protected by so-called sanctuary cities and states that refused to work with ice and follow the legal. Process and the national immigration laws, and that is to hand him over to officials when their time is served in jail for whatever local crimes, they may have committed sometimes violent sometimes not and that these people didn't go on to commit other crimes, which seems to be the case and in officer saying and the person is individuals involved in the criminal Justice system. What are we say Democrats were never going to identify what they really wanted to run on. Well, now, they're identifying it they've already filed articles of impeachment. They want endless investigations. Now. They're trying to pass a law to get Trump's tax returns for ten years and they're going into his family foundation. Then they're going to stay on Russian ad nauseam for the next fifty years if they can. It's nothing that they're proposing that would benefit the American people they wanna get rid of the electoral college. They wanna make DC another state that they're proposing Cossio Cortes. He's talking about a seventy percent federal income tax rate. And by the way, if you live in California, New York that's eighty five percent. That's eighty five cents of every dollar. But the bottom line is we have a crisis at our border. It's not the majority of people that crossed the border many of them risked everything they risk their lives. They crossed the border in the hopes of a better life for them their family their children, but in light of the drugs that have been crossing the border infiltrating small towns in big cities across America in spite of the human trafficking aspects in spite of terrorists, even being arrested and people with terrorist ties being arrested working their way in with the general population of people that just want a better life. Well, that's a threat to every American and that is a national security issue as is gang members and cartel members. That have been literally profiting off the demise of many Americans by bringing their drugs and expanding it through every part of the. In the country. And walls work barriers work where we put them up there effective. Anyway, joining us now glad you're with us. Our two eight hundred nine four one Sean is our number is former director vice Tom homeowners is with us. How are you, sir? A little scared now listen to you for ten minutes. It's incredible only think what what's going on in this country. Now, it's hope your listeners are listening. Hope they start making phone calls. Well, I hope they start making phone calls. I know that we're going to talk to Jim Jordan and Mark meadows later in the program today, and they put out a new ad we'll play that for people. But they want the country to note that amazing thing though, Thomas. The Democrats that I'm mentioning that would be Obama that would be Hillary. That'd be Chuck Schumer Durban others. They sounded more like Trump and their desire to build a wall. Then Trump does. So it seems the only reason that they're against it now is because they don't want the credit going to the president. I guess I mean, I can't think of any other reason. Actually, you are accurate. That's why I've been saying blacks week this isn't about border security. This is about not giving this president a win. His first year under under the President Trump house director vice illegal immigration assaults out, forty five year, low not coincidence. That's because he sent a strong message four small don't build a wall. It wasn't until they became aware. While the Democrats are gonna build a wall. They're gonna push back on the Senate Democrats want to expand the sanctuary cities. But Democrats want abolish is when they hear all this stuff that entices more people come to this country, which you said, it bankrolls KOMO organizations have or criminal cartels. If we're going to save lives, and we're gonna prevent again, let's assume for a minute that ninety nine percent of the people that want to cross another country illegally or people that just want a better life. They they don't wanna go through the legal process. Let's assume it's ninety nine percent. But the other one percent of the drug cartels, the MS thirteen gangs, the people that have terror related ties, the traffickers in human traffickers drug. Traffickers, well, you know, we keep losing Americans. Some Americans are dying as a result of open borders. And I think there are some things in life that are worth fighting for. And I think this is one of them. And I think it's a big reason why the president got elected, and I think the president needs to hold firm here and guarantee that he gets that money. Now, he's saying get it other ways if he declares a national emergency. But then I think we have a legal court battle. And I think congress should step up and do what's in the national interest national security interests of the United States? Absolutely. I talked to the president. I don't know about six days ago. And I think he's gonna stick by -sconsin. On on Fox News shows, I present where he needs to do Sean he needed to go around, dancing and truck at this point and speak directly to the American people. The secretary try to give them a briefing two days ago. And what exactly the numbers look, look kind of secretary Nielsen commerce cross-border, how McCain members secretary the president on have a primetime news conference with America charts up there, saying, okay, MS thirteen restaurants on board have double which they had one hundred eighty three percent senior or to opiates fat knock seventy two thousand people. I sure from is increased one hundred eighty three percent. They Russell resetting thousand people cross border already criminals hundred people that are no suspected terrorists put the charts over and shoulder. American people were really growing software sport. Then the second part show them the charger. Here's how many people enter Huma without offense. And here's a drastic decline us. We put a fence up Yego you my El Paso shoulder. American people that. The Democrats are lying to you. There is disease come across the border. There's criminals come across that border and every place as a barrier. It has worked because the democratic Senator ineffective or immoral. It. Works percent of time wherever they built it and disease just as director of hundreds of cases, one case, I remember an adult with GP drug-resistant. We spent hundreds of thousands of dollars detained for months at a time working with the CDC Texas health trying to find out how to treat the gentleman now what would have happened if he would have got out into society. And so those does get around the border patrol. Because there's no ball. That's what's coming into this country. So I hope the president speech to the American people using the truth and numbers on the border. 'cause I even think a lot of democrat voters once he really know what's going on there, and they get the truth from this administration. I think even they are going to be concerned what's going that border? And hopefully, they will call the Representative say get that border secure. Let me ask you about. Because we now seen recent incidents. Wondering the caravan and one on New Year's Eve where ice agents were being pelted with rocks and bottles, and and people trying to break down the wall to to get into the country illegally. And you had a you. You were being grilled by Senator Kamala Harris of California on the issue. And she tried to say that there's a perception problem with ice being akin to the Ku Klux Klan, let me play for you. The clan was.

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