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Of leonardo only on his father's side those living relatives include oscar-nominated occur nominated italian director franco zeffirelli was really <hes> perhaps most famous for his nineteen sixty eight film romeo and juliet. I've looked into it so i'm soom. Maybe i'm another senate. My twenty three meter dolts do include point six percent of me being broadly european so maybe i like to think that i did inherit his little talent for being able to have cartoonish accents. It's to me <hes> leonardo and she to make a lot of things alex. Take a the lion melissa. I'm making so many the skills. I make spaghetti pizza pie with opinions from the browser. Let's go go now to the top five or takeaways. Let me time away way number. One despite all of the many many talented davinci his paintings are what he's best remembered for debate still john five hundred years after davinci's death over which the arriving pains are actually davinci's works too many collaborations even the salvator mundi not considered a true da vinci by some respected experts on renaissance art still sold for almost half a billion dollars might be davinci's work number too. Many davinci sketches and inventions were designed for military use even though few made it to the battlefield from our tanks. Thanks giant crossbows multi-candidate type devices. Leonardo wisconsin created new ways.

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