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But I think what it shows is people are trying to get toge-. To talk about changing that keyboards try and see the silver lining. Hopefully, maybe okay. So you're right in that it shows that somebody some group at apple is trying to think about the keyboard. And there's no doubt that apple has Kurd that this keyboard is a problem from users. They've seen the issues they keep trying to put bandaids on this existing keyboard design. I think it's clear that they're going in a different direction. What is interesting to me about this is that there is this fork in the road. And I think there are people at apple who tend toward one. Do you go left or right one direction? Is you know, what we gotta go backward. I know that apple hates going backward. But like our old keyboards were pretty good. We've learned some things about designing this keyboard that we can apply to a new keyboard? But what we what we've learned is people want. You know, people people are. Concerned about the reliability, and we didn't do a great job. And it's we're still kinda band-aiding that and they're also, you know, there's this feeling about about travel and sound and we've done better because I do believe that their generation. Keyboard actually is way better. They have improved. It a lot in terms of sort of getting the balance of it. It sounds like things are happening when you press keys, but it's also not crackling like like some some like snap crackle and pop with Rice Krispies when you which the second-generation keyboard, it was this crazy that the third generation. Uber's better there the ingress stuff is better. But it's not perfect like they made they made Vance's. So they're like, all right. We're going to we're going to do one knowing what we know learning what we've learned. And this one's going to be better. And it's going to move backward in some ways and forward and other ways, and it's going to be more traditional keyboard? And a lot of ways because we wanted to be a crowd pleaser wanted to please everybody as much as possible because it turns out we made some assumptions that we're wrong, I think that's one approach here. Which is like we're going to back up a little bit. In some areas, and the next keyboard, we're gonna we're going to do is not going to be more extreme it's going to be less extreme, but with all of our lessons. Learnt the other direction is honestly to keep plodding what apple keeps doing which is reducing key travel and introducing touchscreens two things. And that's what I wrote on that MacWorld article, which is you know, that patent about just having a whole flat glass touch bar thing. That is your keyboard? Like that is the direction apple is going now. So what we have to ask ourselves is. Is there somebody who was like, whoa. We went too far or is that person who's like, well, they didn't like this keyboard because we didn't go far enough and. As you know, as you said, right? Well, we can't get dust into the keyboard. If there's no keyboard, it's just glass, and maybe it's bumpy glass. Just now, I I also believe that what they would do is they would put in hap- Dicks, and they would have textures on the keys. So you could feel your way around, and when you press it's going to give a little vibration, and it's this patent suggests maybe even a little bit of physical movement to to fake it and have them be like, no, no, no, no. This is going to be better this way better. It's going to be completely reliable because there's no we can get under there. Let's do it. And that is you know, it's possible that they would do something like that. I am I idea that is shrouding in the mackerel article last year was that they want they put in like face, ID cameras and stuff into laptops. When it gets that stuff there. They can just like they just put nothing down there..

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