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Week at banks as global news in the big nine sixty services good news and yeah rich this after another parliamentary defeat today as house speaker John Brcko said the Saturday vote was the same issue is what the prime minister proposed today my routing is left for the mission will not be debated today as he would be repetitive and disorderly to do so now it might be mentioned that the same thing happened to Theresa rate may remember so now the direction is different now the tension green this is a huge piece of legislation that would essentially bring the great deal into okay you have lower semicon you're saying that the government will accelerate the withdrawal a law and Bloomberg's John author says it basically now stands there's no way the you will force a no deal divorce there's another way the E. U. is going to refuse an extension if it's obvious that the eyes are being taught in the teaser being crossed on an acceptable deal for them like none but he says in the political arena itself Boris Johnson has been made to look quite stupid U. S. president Donald Trump is defending his pulling troops from Syria we never gave the currents a commitment that we stay for the next four hundred years of protection they've been fighting with the Turks three hundred years of people know off and is saying that it's a shame that he had to change the venue of the G. seven away from his derail resort he says he didn't need the money from the deal because he's rich so whether I lost two million dollars five million dollars more or less doesn't make any difference to the atmosphere few which it doesn't matter I'm doing this for the country I'm doing it for the people global news twenty four hours a day on Erin a tick tock on Twitter power by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries in San Francisco Ahmed Baxter this is Bloomberg does so we go to global sports and the question is whether real Madrid is on the verge of making a managerial change dance Schwartzman's here he has the answer to that question what is it Dan dog it's a big question rumors out there flying in a frail Madrid doesn't win a call to Sarina champions a group stage match tomorrow managers Indians have done might be sacked so far rail has lost a PS she three mil they played club Brugge it took to draws well now without a win tomorrow Ralph could be in danger of not getting out the group stage for the first time since nineteen eighty nine nineteen ninety for a long time ago a shocker the premier league Chelsea loses to Sheffield United one milligram Alain as least Merced scores a lone goal in the thirtieth minute out a win for the blues.

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