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No but i think it was closer to happening than maybe we we realize now okay sometimes it only takes one right so one suitors is enough to get the job done but no i think that a lot of people around the nfl again it's it's it probably wouldn't it would not have surprised me if he ended up on one year deal at the same time like i think are so people think that the deal even like it's gonna take a lot for him to justify that he can be a very good player he was not that last year but he can be that going forward and that right there make the deal worth while i think you look at the draft where we have two guys you'd figure mike free will wanna go after rashad evans at twenty two and then they traded up for herald landry that forty one i believe also the shaun evans was a trade where he wasn't in bowl traces they've oh they leaped in front of the patriots i think on both cases right which makes you think they thought maybe the patriots were prepared to make pick on those players it's certainly possible and patriots could have justified taking both those guys the patriots they do occasionally trade up it's fair to say but look bill belichick tracker the majority of the time he's trading down he's ending extra pick so i find it interesting that they're moving up and trading picks away for guys and granted they traded up for jack conklin a couple years ago worked every well for them he was very useful right tackle if i'm not mistaken nickname after the trade down right yes so it's almost like you know it's again it's doubt you're you're probably looking at is like listen we're willing to make this move down because we have an idea we're going back up and it's interesting so i i'm intrigued to see if those moves workout because they're they're operating in one way in very bill checking in another way almost at odds with what they've learned from new england and.

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