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Here he leaves it he can't get it I. Think he basically hit that exactly belt pray hit his home run Ronald Guzman Cousy. Is swaying there's a. Long drive to right center field that one's. Way, back and that, yesterday Into the party there Tape measure shot. For rental goose bond his second, of the ball game the one pitch toward foul pole Gardner, back into his right doesn't have a shot, pitch. Over the wall homerun number. Three Tonight Koran Guzman one old five three the fan Ronald goose, Bob became the? First rookie to hit three home runs in a game against the. Yankees powering the Rangers past New York twelve seven, eight days, after, Steve Pearce did the same against New York who's my duplicated that feed is two homers off, Masahiro Tanaka one off AJ Cole I ranger player to hit three and a games his teammate Adrian beltway back in twenty twelve bond also became the first ranger rookie to -ccomplish. The feet six six of. His twelve home runs this season have come against. The Yankees beltway also went deep tying hall of fame induction Chipper. Jones for thirty third on baseball's all time list that's four hundred and sixty nine meantime ESPN's Heather Danish, reporting Maryland's offensive lineman Jordan McNair showed signs of extreme exhaustion before dying of heat stroke the nineteen year old. Had difficulty standing while running sprints, at practice on may twenty nine sources said McNair body temperature had reached a hundred and six degrees while, practicing. His calls Depp has officially been ruled. As heatstroke Maryland has placed several members of their athletic staff on. Paid administrative leave on Friday the dodgers lose their closure the cubs expand their lead of blow to the, Redskins offense as well details when sportscenter allnight returns this is ESPN radio.

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