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You're not going to get that far out the door. Yeah you're going to get you're gonna get to a just down the street a little bit. Maybe it makes sense. I just think they're definitely limiting the audience on this so i sense of. It's a studio car right. You go from studio to studio downtown. La if if if your commute is just like you know you you drive it to work. It's a few miles away if you try to work and back in your round trip is thirty miles. You're gonna feel comfortable with plugging it in at night. You can get away with it. But the problem is i don't know i mean i. I know some people have some very sort of scheduled days bite Minor just kind of. I think often like a lot of people in in in the big cities. Too many things come up. It's just too many things like you're you're trying to get work done and then you're trying to run out and run errands or you're gonna hit the gym or you gotta hit the grocery store. You gotta pick somebody up or pick up kids or drop off kids or you know or run to the vet. There's just like home to many little things throughout the day where you have to now think about the battery plant around it so anyway just a thought let me know what you guys think as well as one hundred miles going to get it done or do you just move on to something else you know you just end up getting four hyundai kona nissan leaf even like do just do i think i think the fiat ev. Which i don't even know if they're gonna make it more. I think that even gets a little bit better range than that. I can't say for sure but so does a traditional golf cart. Yeah i think. I think it does get a little bit more. Yeah oh the mini. The mini cooper gets like one hundred and fifty miles right. So even then it's it's a little bit more The kona i think the leaf is the mini is one hundred fifty miles. I think the conan's like two fifty eight. The id fours to sixty and i drove the id for you know like i said know it looks good but i just don't know that one hundred miles is going to get a time. That's kind of my one hundred miles going to get it done but anyway let me let me tell you guys about the good guys real quick. We'll get into a few more things. The thirty four th west coast nationals presented by s f. It's a.

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