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The best of reasons. Visit in ob LIS dot org to learn more. Great to have you along on a Monday, it's one 38. Traffic and weather on the 8s, now let's go to Mary de pompa in the WTO traffic center. All righty, thanks good afternoon, Mark, and we are dealing with what would be springtime like volume on some of our bigger roadways, a lot to do with some work zones on the inner loop in Montgomery county now slowing past the spur around the curve working toward Connecticut avenue. That should be a mobile crew, also on the beltway and prince George's county outer loop slows to get to in past two 14, sign work blocks the right lane. Delays on the Baltimore Washington Parkway have been continuing throughout this midday and if you're heading north inside of the beltway green bell park outside, it's still heavy to go all the way through Laurel and stretches. No incidents just volume, maybe folks avoiding 95, the work zone north after the patuxent which is closer to two 16 is said to be on the right shoulder, but delays lingering nonetheless. Got a report in severna park root two if you're heading northbound Richie highway near Leland drive, a van on its side, and that should be right near the Chick-fil-A. So watch for response, bolt directions and possible direction there. Big volume delays coming across the eastern shore trying from Kent narrows to get across the bay bridge in three lanes, which are all open all volume delays. Same in Virginia on 95 in stretches from spottsylvania, north through Stafford, Dale City, woodbridge, all volume, and into newington, south, the same getting at the Purple Heart bridge and heading south through Quantico stretches of very heavy traffic. One thing to note in Virginia route one, Mount Vernon highway buckland road overturned vehicle, you'll be following police direction. Lino pizza takes the headache out of planning with the lido pizza teen party giveaway for your child sports teams go to WTO P dot com search lido and enter your chance to win a pizza party prize for complete details, Mary DuPont WTF traffic. That sounds good. Let's get the forecast from chuck bell. A big shot of warm air is coming our way on Thursday this week. We are likely to have record high temperatures Thursday afternoon currently,

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