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Of business suburban Cadillac Troy business desk and Jeff. Bellinger Bloomberg business report stocks rallied with, the NASDAQ and the s&p five hundred hitting new all time. Highs the Dow Jones industrials rose one hundred thirty three points or half a percent the. NASDAQ closed up sixty seven points or eight tenths percent the s. and p. five hundred gained eighteen or six tenths percent Neela Richardson of Edward Jones tells Bloomberg the economy is in good shape with no downturn insight if you look at the second quarter, you see a lot of strength over four percent GDP growth that's not Ostend nNcholas either that was business investment. That was a pot and consumer spending it's a fundamental in the economy very strong and Richardson, says corporate earnings have been solid for two quarter In a row demand for expensive manufactured products declined more than expected. Last month the Commerce, Department reports orders for durable. Goods fell one point seven percent in July but a component of the, durables report the, tracks business investment posted a bigger than expected gain, I'm Jeff, Bellinger with the Bloomberg business report. On w. w j NewsRadio nine fifty and lottery numbers on w. w j the midday daily three six three zero the daily four two three four four mega millions jackpot one. Hundred eighteen million and the Powerball at seventy million look at. Traffic and weather yeah we sorta stopped paying attention and racked up. A lot of yeah it was stressful. He blamed me for my credit card debt and I. Blamed him for building that man cave, it's awesome anyway we stopped blame each other dinner homework and..

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