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W. Y. P. C. mobile news all the level on the go perhaps the best way to refer to today is high wind Wednesday the radars clear it's fifty four degrees in the circle city in today's highs fifty six I'm John Herrick here's what's trending at six thirty two you're talking about with over fifty miles per hour there will likely be some power outages as well which TV meteorologist markets Bailey says winds will likely go over fifty miles an hour throughout the day at times and won't let up until about later this evening were under a high wind warning until nine o'clock tonight an explosion at an industrial complex outside of Houston Texas at the T. P. C. plant which is a chemical plant several people in homes nearby saw their windows blown out and at least three people were injured pointing a gun at students is what a student Lafayette's accused of doing police say it happened around twelve thirty Tuesday afternoon at crossing alternative high school with eighteen year old Colby blessed pointed a gun at five students during an argument he was arrested a short time afterwards on several charges you want to keep the romaine lettuce off your thanksgiving dinner table boxes Jill NATO explains why the current outbreak of E. coli has expanded with federal health officials saying a total of sixty seven have been infected with eco lie across nineteen states no one's died but six people got so sick they develop kidney failure the food and drug administration says that letters came from the Salinas California area and if you're not sure you're rooming came from there or not don't need it Jill NATO fox news president.

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