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Burn in the us in utah. Thousands have evacuated from a fast moving fire outside salt lake city from member station k. U. e. r. Sonia hudson has more amber reichert loaded up her white suv as she prepared to evacuate the small community of timberline. She's lived in this community surrounded by pine trees for five years. It's kind of surreal. I think we always knew there was a possibility of it happening here especially with what's been going on fire wise and climate wise in recent times But it's a little bit different when it actually happens. The widespread consensus of climate scientists that climate change makes large destructive wildfires more likely because of hotter temperatures and drier vegetation. Nearly all of utah is in the most extreme categories of drought for npr news. I'm sonia hudson. Us officials say an unprecedented number of migrants is showing up at the southern border. Maria martin reports climate change is contributing. More than eight million people across el salvador. Guatemala and honduras are in need of aid in twenty twenty one according to the us office on humanitarian assistance. This is a sixty percent increase. As compared to early. Twenty twenty growing poverty climate change the covert nineteen pandemic and chronic violence in the region are among contributing factors in honduras. Food insecurity has grown from eight percent of the population prior to the pandemic to twenty one percent while iwakuma one in five people suffer from critical access to food a situation which is only growing worse according to the un report for npr news. I'm mighty martin and you're listening to npr news. India is celebrating seventy five years of independence from british rule. Today and in a speech from new delhi prime minister narendra modi praised healthcare workers fighting covert nineteen cases. How fallen sharply from the springtime wave. That's all hospitals. Run out of oxygen and beds a once. Rural parish in britain has an unusual and perhaps coveted problem. It has too much money. Vicki barker has more from london in fifteen. Twenty five one. Richard wright bequeathed some land to his cambridge area parish for the upkeep of the church clock then cutting edge technology this past year the parish sold part of the land in nearby cambridge university whose sprawl has now reached its outskirts for twenty. Six million dollars. Problem is under the terms of the trust. The money must be spent in the home village of full born so far. The trustees have bought new. It equipment for the village school floodlights for the local tennis court and they're installing solar panels and a new heating system in the church itself but the times of london report. That's barely put a dent in the cash mountain. It suggests. some of the money should go towards a statue commemorating that sixteenth century benefactor for npr news. I'm vicki barker. In london tyler gilbert of the arizona diamondbacks ended last night's victory over the san diego padres with a claim on baseball history becoming the first pitcher in nearly seven decades to throw a no hitter in his first major league start. I made me held in washington. And you're listening to npr news..

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