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Hello america mark levin here our number eight seven seven three eight one. Three eight one one. Eight seven seven. Three eight one. Three eight one one. If you have a moment. I'd like you to focus in on one. I'm going to mention here. There's a lot of hand wringing about conservatives and libertarians and free market conservatives and plot of hand wringing about how they don't represent the people how they've never really represented the people of course. Ronald reagan got to the biggest massive landslide electoral presidential history. Sure if he were alive today he would disagree with that but to me. This is the problem. This is the problem. Paddle today is not with libertarians. Free market conservatives. Many of us are free market. Conservatives are battle. Today isn't with dismissing milton. Friedman and bill buckley and other tremendous minds as if somehow will be able to claw our way back. That's not the battle today. That's not the battle at all. Our enemies are not. The libertarians are enemies are not fiscal conservatives. Are enemies are not free market. Conservatives are enemies are not social conservatives are enemies are this american marxist movement and individuals that i'm talking about and yet this is what we hear. Constantly constantly the great middle class. They great middle classes under attack. Not by the libertarians. Not by free market conservatives. It's under attack in our classrooms in our universities and colleges our economic system while so many people are navel-gazing as if these are the old battles. This is a new battle. It's not the old battles. It is a new battle. This is exactly why i said. American marxism has made great progress toward institutionalizing. Its goals over the last several years not libertarianism not market conservatives and so forth if it is to be defeated as it must albeit a daunting and complex mission its existence must i acknowledged and labeled for what it is and the urgency. The moment must be realized and the emergence of a unified patriotic front up previously dough sil- divergent and disputatious societal cultural and political factions and forces. Which have in common their belief that america's work defending must kaolin is immediately and rallied to the cause in other words. People are not doing us any favors any favors by going on radio or tv or writing pieces going on and on. why you know the damn libertarians. Well you know those damn free market concerns not freeman why. It gave massive electoral victories and decades of wealth. The putting that aside we have a common enemy. We have a common enemy. And if we don't put aside these divergent views and disagreements of the past among conservatives neoconservatives and free market conservatives libertarians and sort of libertarians and so forth. If we don't all rallied together as we did around reagan and take on this common enemy we will lose because there's not enough of us just not enough of us. Otherwise and so. I will stand against those. Who trying to earn their spurs and their cred constantly browbeating conservatives and free market conservatives libertarians and so forth. That's not the problem today. It's not even the issue today. That country is under attack from within our institutions. Our culture our constitution. They're not threatened by free market conservatives or libertarians. You have to be blinded by your own ideology if you believe that. We need their help. We need everybody's help in this battle. Which is the point of american marxism. We have to identify who they are. We have to identify what we're dealing with. We have to identify the threat or threats and floral and we need to amass an army of patriots to take them on in every walk of life. And i'm not talking about violence. I don't know why i always say that. For the idiots in the media. I don't believe in violence they do. They call violence. Riots looting arson mostly peaceful. We don't but you see. The insurrection has already occurred. Wasn't an armed insurrection. But the insurrections already occurred in our government public schools at our universities and colleges in entertainment on television in our newsrooms in the democrat party in some of our courthouses. The insurrections already occurred. Took time. but it's here and it's spreading. It's not january sixth. It's broader than that more ubiquitous than that. It's more complicated than that. So i just mentioned this constantly tripe on and on and on your oh wow libertarians. And the free market this one's and they they don't recognize and support the middle class. And by the way as a footnote sure they do the middle class as marx would call us. Because we're not classes but we play along as they middle-class wasn't created last week. It didn't come about last week. He came about through mostly free market capitalism. Never been free free but free enough. What's interesting is the marxist hate the industrial revolution again as you'll see in the they hate the industrial revolution. They hate what was created through the industrial revolution. Furthermore they constantly attacked the industrial revolution. And so they created the myth of these massive robber. Barons were abusing people left and right and so forth and saw it wasn't a perfect world and gentlemen but it resulted in massive consumerism massive wealth creation including the spreading of wealth over time. Everything wasn't the steel mills and the coal mines which went through very very difficult times. No question about it but it created this. This incredibly powerful economic engine that resulted in any one of us walking into a supermarket today in basically being able to get whatever we want. The world has never seen anything like this before. And that's thanks to the industrial revolution. And what happened since the industrial revolution..

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