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Raiders wide receiver Antonio brown Hey you've got to get a new helmet get a grievance yeah date there's a new requirement this year they tried to phase it and there's a new if you watch the games new kind of like bubble shaped helmet okay now the this standard you have to have in this year and last year you could switch back and forth like Brady switch mid season went back to his old o'malley did but now everybody has to wear the new Tony brown filed a grievance saying no I I will only thought was looking for my old one or retire in the league that he had no is the retiring now okay okay so you said when Brady switch back to the old helmet right what happened was they did win the Superbowl so now what he is I don't know so is that have like bad peripheral vision because you get this huge helmet I don't know what it is like as Brady said literally the same helmet he's worn for his entire career which is on you think will get lost or something right whether right with a letter after letter home so long it's kind of like your phones but it takes like five minutes to turn your head is likely has got like it's a big bubble wrap you know what this means they'll give you a couple of the helmet yeah is your baby all right here in the heart rises in fantasy clearly that's the answer all the all the bedding and biggest you've changed all the money's on that all fifty quickly Hey you want to stop production elements away well I guess if they wear this new helmet then they can't do and question right side that actually saves the enemy they don't even know long term if it's even going to help the team but is the requirement now anyway so we finally got over is frozen feet I would to explain what happened there he had frostbite on his feet because you know the cryo generally what I machining are they going through like Walt Disney I mean what a console yeah and like you know freeze dried their body after getting beat up so the swelling goes down accidentally like what thirty seconds deanery was in there for like a minute and a half so yeah they close by they told them like Hey you can only see their first Sir my time like no I'll be good for his feet did he lose any toes no but the skin was like totally off the bothers when I was is is trying oh my god anyway Hey searches underway somebody stole a marked issue V. from outside of coral gables police officers home and they found yesterday in little.

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