Kirsten Gillaibrand, Bill Clinton, Schumer discussed on The Mark Levin Show


This is all a scheme a sickening cynical scheme starting with kirsten gillaibrand who i exposed what couple of weeks ago she is a fraud she is a fake in 2016 as i explained a couple of weeks ago she campaigned with bill clinton she took donations from bill clinton she wanted to be photographed for bill clinton she put it on our facebook site she praised bill clinton and it wasn't the first time she done it throughout her miserable congressional career first she was a congresswoman agai clinton support in a republican district then schumer tapped her to be a united states senator she's been clinging on the bill clinton's coattails ever since and then she says this year because people are well wait a minute you are back backing clinton well i think he should resign times have changed times of change from 2016 the 2017 really she's a chameleon she's are fraud sheets of fake and she's leading their charge so that should tell you something right there and then so the woman senators come for the democrats followed immediately by the the the mail democrats senators filed immediately by schumer i dunno halle self identifies but i make my own conclusions then today we have this phony resignation waste basically saying i'm not guilty i didn't do anything first of all half these women are lying secondly half these whether misinterpreted what i was doing or what i was saying and besides i would win if this thing was sent to the senate ethics committee so what did he say today he said enough to hang on for a few weeks to see how the roy moore election us the democrat party that stands for women is such a fraud such a fraud such a joke they stood behind bill clinton they stood behind ted kennedy and today they stand behind out frank and they don't want to al franken a resign you haven't heard a single democrat go on tv and say wait a minute what says he'll resign in the coming weeks we want him to resign right now we're so disgusted with this guy whereas kirsten jila grant today where are all of them today on the democrat side not where you haven't heard a damn thing from any of them nothing.

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