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Or hosts tim and julie hairs three to one and we're back. It is january the sixth. I'd look at my calendar. Remind myself podcast going a little bit later today because we've been so busy working on the enhancements for premier coaching and is official announcement for all of you who are in premier coaching. Yes this is an. Oh boy for julie. Starting on monday of next week. We're going to be a broadcasting live. Well we've been broadcasting live through a webinar format. But it's gonna be on facebook so for those of you who are in the premier coaching really any of the coaching programs. We are going to be broadcasting. Live on our members only page on facebook. You'll be getting obviously. I'm sure a barrage of notifications for facebook inviting you to attend. But we've been trying to put this in place for the past year and i'll be honest. The problems have been just the most basic of things. Like being that we live in. Puerto rico and we have inconsistent internet connectivity but we seemingly have that fixed so moving forward you guys in premier coaching are going to have an enhanced experience in addition to we're also going to be introducing a new modules to the coaching program and that includes a very robust marketing platform. We're also going to be talking a lot about other forms of marketing. And you guys know that were obviously advocates of all those things for advocates. And you doing them in the right order in other words. Don't start with the things that cost you money when you're building your real estate business and being profitable start with the things that are free. And that's the reason we focus so much on being proactively generator but at the same time there is a place for all those other things and soon you'll be learning. How are what are Essentially we perceive to be the best practices for all those things. So those are all enhancements coming to prepare tamir coaching and alas little announcement. We are going to be expanding this show too then. Include other podcasts presenters presenting on other unique topics. Like a gentleman. We have working for us named trevor jones. he's going to be talking specifically about internet marketing and social networking..

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