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Get to work in the morning. With traffic updates every ten minutes. It's Colorado's morning news. On KOA NewsRadio eight fifty AM, and ninety four one FM. There's Rockies career barely got started one. Daniel Murphy fractured. The index finger on his left hand in the third game of the season still working as way back from the injury. But tonight was a good one for the veteran. He spoke with Jerry after the game a great win last night. Guys, followed up with another impressive one night, Johnny threw the ball great. You know, we're able to put some pressure on offense. I thought the three we got right after they got the two big, and Johnny gates, notable people will always nice to jump on. Somebody early, isn't it? Yeah, it is. And you don't most of the damage was done before. I got up there. That's great. Embeds walks today, pretty much Nolan to hits Charlie. All these badges, we're of a stack of good at that because it extra-base it last night. He hit the home run today. You feeling good at the plate. I do I feel better feel like I'm getting my swing. Bingo decisions and starting stack up as many good at that second. Nice to see high Rhodesia's. Yeah, it was nice. Hey, thanks a lot better. Dandruff Jechorek to you. All right. Jerry, thank you very much. Daniel Murphy is going to help this ballclub. No question about it as he gets back to one hundred percent. Rockies beat the pirates nine three here in Pittsburgh. Morecombe on KOA Rockies radio network. His latest from KOA NewsRadio about twenty eight million people are in the path of storms. That's been slamming a broad stretch of the country. Three people have died in Missouri and Oklahoma with levels along the Missouri and Mississippi River back on the rise after weeks of dropping back from their banks ABC's Kent Martin has the latest in seventeen Kansas counties are closed because of the rains, along with more than three hundred thirty roads in Missouri. Amtrak suspended service along a stretch of rail line between Saint Louis and Kansas City, a small town and Oklahoma's urging it's six hundred residents to evacuate the face of the rising, Arkansas river. The Missouri rivers, forcing residents of part of Missouri's capital city, Jefferson City out of their homes. House speaker Nancy Pelosi accused the president of engaging in a cover-up as Democrats, beat the drums of impeachment Pelosi seems to prefer aggressive investigations and oversight of Trump and his ministration Denver's been named the third best place in the country to find a summer job. According to wallethub Rockies news update is sponsored by Colorado farm bureau insurance, Chuck Clark on KOA, NewsRadio eight fifty. Fifty AM and ninety four one FM. Couple of problems around the metro area, but I looking good so no problems there as seventy also looking good at both sides across town. See for seventy on the westbound side Quebec got an accent. This cut you backed up to I twenty five and Colorado boulevard at Martin Luther King, and all lanes of westbound I seventy west of Wadsworth are scheduled to be closed today at eleven o'clock. This Rockies traffic report is sponsored by Colorado farmbureauinsurance. I'm Darren Copeland KOA News Radio. If.

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