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FBI, Jared Kushner, Official discussed on The John Batchelor Show


Was elected the first thing to be shut about this is this common practice in american history jack matlock i probably the greatest american ambassadors 20century he was ambassador to moscow for president reagan and the first president bush said on his facebook aw that he personally jack black lock had done this for jimmy carter when he was elected before he took office shut up channel with and michael mcfaul who's no friend of trump or putin has said that he went to moscow and dinner for obama so this is done regularly the reasons why president elect wanna communicate with russia and other countries on your own we could discuss some other time but it's a tradition the question is why did kushner try to do it outside official american channels and i just answered the question because the trump people knew set for months and months that the intelligence services were running a leaking campaign against trump and hair and and this campaign involved the cia the fbi for sure and the state department so if you would trump's peaceful and wanted to deal with the russians what american agency could you have gone to the wooden of leak that secret communication to your detriment they thought trump did obama was behind it i don't know that to be true but it might have been true you remember trump shed obama had survey owed him said it in a tweet and everybody said trump's crazy well trump was completely crazy they now admitted they had a faisal warren on carter page that he was in and out of trump tower so they were listening to everybody but the point is is it the trump people and it wasn't only jared kushner there are others i am absolutely shortly henry kissinger was involved because he went to moscow about that time they wanted to set up a private communication and they everybody agrees what they wanted to talk about they wanted to talk about what you and i just talked about this alliance against terrorism beginning in syria and make this both more or less complex the guy.

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FBI, Jared Kushner, Official discussed on The John Batchelor Show

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