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Way art is valued together and welcome back. We've reached the part of the show. We all share with you some tips on trying to stay sane it is sanity corner one sanity corner for us for all of us. I think over these last. Several weeks has been hysteria movie club which has been Super Fun. It's where we watch a movie that is old not old but like ten years older more we re watch it with fresh eyes decide whether it holds up and what kind of people were watching onscreen. And it's a lot on this week. We did the social network. You can catch on crooked media's Youtube page on Sundays. We post it so catch US talking about the social network with a bona fide. Harvard graduate cured deal. It's a lot of. It's a lot of fun. You guys should definitely tune in if you want to hear us. Go off on Mark Zuckerberg elicit you want to start sanity corner this week. Yeah so nice. Amny corner is very small innings to look forward to and so on Tuesdays. I watch hysteria movie club movie and on Mondays. This is like there are not a lot of nights where things look forward to but On Sunday Nights I Watch Ninety Day fiance and I realized that I'm one of many many people that this is become a thing. The show is efforts on better but I even have my hubs it with me now to because that's the thing it's like we're in the house together and so it's so much more fun to watch something with someone and so. I've literally been like you WanNa Watch and so now we watch and He has very fun. Commentary like wait. A minute is the tourists and I was like no. He's coming up next So that honestly is is all of the iterations of ninety nine say it's ninety day fiance before the ninety days. Where are they now and pillow? Talk which is hands down the best the best version. But that's what I'm not GONNA lie. I'm watching trash television but I'm not. Db DVR. It's like watching a second time if we talked too much during it. But that's it that's it. It's it's communal television watching on Sundays to ninety day fiance. I haven't seen you in a while. Eliza are you still enjoying the company of your husband? Yes yes I have to show you guys after rain here. This is our countdown calendar of how many as we've been here it's like imprison like we're not imprison were day a sixty eight as day. Sixty eight that. We've been along together in the House I will say and I had stipulated up front. I love him another small sanity. Corner is when we tape here today He usually takes a drive back down to Manhattan should check our mail and packages and like when we came up here. We didn't think we were going to be here for a whole new seasons of clothing. And so he takes a trip down and honestly it's nice. It's Nice it's nice business. My Saturday corner is simple this week. I've really gotten into bleaching surfaces in my house like once I go grocery run. You put everything away and then you clean up and then you wipe things down with bleach and the place smells I liked. It smells like bleach. I I don't know if I've lost my mind but I like I. Bleach the light switches and all the things that people like doorknobs and all that it feels very like it's clean. Now you're like we can sit down now. Joanna exactly I get it. How are your taste buds are? Can you still taste stuff? I don't taste the bleach. So you're fine. You're like inhaling it and then you're like what is this nation's they didn't take presidential guidance and tried to inject shrinking. She just uses it. To defect Sir Disinfect Service here and she's fine. I'm fine I'm not. I'm not licking the bleach yet. All right here in. What's Your Sanity Corner This Week. Lick Bleach Lick. We just now. We can't even joke about that now. Really No I. As you know have always been an advocate of staring at walls But now I I mean I just started reading one of Samantha. Irby's books it's the will never talk in real life it. It's one of the older ones. I just didn't know about her as an author and a she's fantastic so I feel I've made a new discovery of someone that is hilarious funny and like I look forward to hearing her point of view so I've discovered some good comedic female authors and that's been really nice. That's great so many books are bad so many books especially like I love reading. I novels. I love buying first novels and reading. I NOVELS TO SUPPORT THE WRITERS. Because now we're writing sounds horrible and a lot of first novels are like we have to unleash all the tragedies in this book and I'm like I there's a book that finished that it's a good book but I had to stop because it was just like I just stop and like take a breath and it was just like too much tragedy so it's good to like find funny books. I think right. Now you're finding books are nicer like light. Some some light content is really fun. You know so funny books yet. Never have I ever also mindy killings new show. That was great. Yeah that's a really fun series. She did a great job. All the actors are fantastic on it. That's an it's fun and they. It feels in fun you know what else is light and fun for anyone who cares the new amy. Schumer cooking show with her husband. Amy Schumer Learns to Cook. It's fucking his because it's exactly what you what you want from her. Her husband is also Funny and charming and I learned how to make recipes. That were like very easy really Good I need some people to replace. Some certain cooks who? I no longer really going to be following the recipes of Ood Dr. Let me tell you. I don't know what happened. He can Mr Amy Schumer got it. Mr Zuma's the chuck variety right right exactly. Although they are related what cousins. He's like second cousins or something. Amy and Chucker cousin power family. Amy Schumer and Chuck Schumer for People. Not Following all right on that note. That's all the time we have for this week's episode of hysteria. Thanks Tula Semester. Monico for calling in things secure and deal and thanks Katie Hill for joining us. The news segment. Thanks to all of you for listening. There will be more hysteria next week. This Janet.

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