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We thought that last year was he got hit a lot but it was. It's a week ten so he took the hit. That caused the problem. You just you just want to win that. It is going to come. If that's the case this year with his align j. I liked this team a lot. And i'm pretty high on on. I think they're going to win. Seventy games this year. And i don't know if that's what the fans are expecting and ocho cinco and others are saying they're gonna win the division. I don't know if i'd go that far. But what is your expectation for this team. I mean can they be a five hundred or near five hundred football team. Yeah this i mean this is what it comes down to december. They schedule makers did them. What looks on paper like a great favor. They had a lot of easy games early. Not easy but winnable games early and lions jaguars you know. Even the vikings If they can get off to a fast start. You've got these brash personalities. The job joe is super confident. Joe borough ty boyd tamar chase all these guys you could just see this kind of like kicking in and taking off and i'm really ascending. What looks like a murderer's row and december. You just never plays out that way. You think the hard games are going to be hard and they end up being not so much but it's still if you look at their december schedule. It's rob so what i see. Happening is them playing meaningful games in december but not quite getting over the hump to deep all those elite teams. They're going to face the baltimore the kansas city cleveland. That type of thing. So i got him at seven and ten. Everything i picked seventy seven. I think the vegas line is six and a half. I would the over. I i would feel better about them getting eight that i would six but my pick is seven and ten good. That's so that's great. That's ryan to eye on. And i love where the bye week is. By the way we tend. I think that that's a nice spot for them to to get the break. And then they've got games. My last question is can they finish ahead of pittsburgh in the division. Yeah i actually picked that we at the athletic we do in. Afc north whiparound ask a few questions in each of the the writers covering the four teams answers them and one of them was your predicted order. Finish in the records. And i had pittsburgh at six and eleven and i have not stopped hearing from steeler fan. Since but i do i. I think i think the bengals take third this year. pittsburgh fourth and then i've got cleveland went into division. I just think the browns are in for a really special year. I'm with you..

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